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    WORLD 10 BALL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 Sep 2021), Las Vegas, 9ft, Winner $35K

    Giant Killers !!..... Filler and Chang are arguably Top 2 or 3 players in the world and Albin isn't far off..... hell of a day for our 2 country boys.
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    WORLD 10 BALL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 Sep 2021), Las Vegas, 9ft, Winner $35K

    Looks like he won a qualifier in Puerto Rico to get into the tournament. Doesn't have much of a record beyond this that I can find. Might be as close to dead money as you'll find in this tough field. I predict Shane easily advances into the 2nd round where things will get a lot more...
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    Mosconi Cup Day Three Schedule

    I do think Thorpe and Robinson will give it everything they have in this next doubles match. But SVB, Corey and Skyler appear to be boarding the plane right now.
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    Mosconi Cup Day Three Schedule

    It's in their head now..... that was horrible. I think they might just want to lose the next match and get out of dodge as quickly as possible.
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    Something is wrong with Team USA

    They are having difficulty.. but its a culmination of problems in my opinion. - They are not in normal stroke due to limited play this year thanks to covid - The toughest table to re-find your stroke and touch is a very slick/fast tight table - Fact is, the European team is just more...
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    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    Outclassed today.... and out-rolled too. Majority of rolls went against USA. Hard to beat a Euro team that strong without getting a few rolls here and there.
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    Reminder Mosconi cup

    That match was the worst I've seen in a long time from both sides.... only reason Filler/Gorst won that is that as bad as they played Corey and Shane outdid them. Part of its nerves, but I think a lot is this very fast tight table getting inside their heads.
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    Reminder Mosconi cup

    Corey need to bump up his game for sure
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    Reminder Mosconi cup

    Very impressive turnaround..... little lucky with that shirt foul, but they were lucky with a few bounces starting with Filler early in the match. Keep it going !
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    Derby City Brackets ?

    Maybe, I'm just missing it.... but I cannot find the brackets. Anybody help an old guy figure out where they're at ? Thank you. :cool:
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    Sky vs Shaw.... race to 30

    9 ball .... winner breaks. Sky up 3-1............ should be 4-0 considering he missed a easy bunny to lose the game.
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    Chinese 8 Ball US Open tournament

    Does anybody know where I can find a bracket with results for this tournament ? I'm coming empty in my search thus far. Thank you.
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    China Open

    Anybody have any links for a bracket for the China Open that started today I think. Maybe a stream too ? I've been googling, but haven't found anything. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places. Thanks for any help. :cool:
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    What events for Top Pro's ?

    Sorry if the question has already been asked, my quick search didn't show what I was looking for. I'm new here, thus, not dialed in on which events to look closely at. I am hoping to attend one of the events where most of the Top Pro's show-up at..... but I'm not sure which tournaments those...