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    Fargo Billiards is closing?

    Just saw this on the Facebooks. Even though I’ve never been there, this is a shame. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rogan/Strickland vid

    Okay who’s got a copy of the Joe Rogan Channels Earl Strickland vid? It’s been set to private on YouTube. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does pool need or want Hypebeasts?

    Brought to you by the fine folks at McDermott and Supreme. I don’t think this is going to bring any new players to the game but if it does then you can rest assured they’ll have lots of “disposable” income. Good or...
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    Meeting folks

    So I’m in a new town for work for a couple of weeks and I find a nice spot to play a few games. After a while two gentlemen start playing some one pocket at the table next to me. Had a brief conversation with them and I mentioned that one of them looked a lot like Grady Matthews. I wouldn’t have...
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    Jump break tip problems?

    For the last week or two my break hasn't worked at all and jumping has been for naught. Should have known this was coming but I just had a rapid unscheduled tip/shaft separation. Can't even find the little bugger. Anyone know how to get a Samsara jump/break tip to last more than a few months?