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    Moving a 7ft bar table to redo hardwood floors

    Hey guys, does anyone have any suggestions for how to go about moving a pool table like 10 feet (to the next room) temporarily to work on floors? We probably don't have enough people to safely lift it and move it, and we are also concerned about damaging the floor or messing up the leveling of...
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    15 ball speed pool videos?

    So this guy is trying to claim he beat the world record in speed pool, with a 52 second score, which is ridiculous, since the world record is 26 seconds set by Dave Pearson. 52 seconds isn't bad, but it's not a great score either, at the highest level. So I was like, ok this should be easy to...
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    Protecting hardwood floors when installing 9' Diamond in house

    I was told by Diamond that putting rubber shims under the table legs was an option for protecting hardwood floors and preventing slipping. However, they said the Pro-Am legs where the leveling block hits the floor are 2.25'' x 3.75''. It seems like all rubber shims I can find for this purpose...
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    Protecting hardwood floors when installing 9' Diamond in house

    I was told by Diamond to get rubber material that could be cut to fit under the pool table legs. Is this recommended, and if so, I have no idea what kind of rubber material to get or where to purchase it.
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    Revo shaft red tip silencer

    So I have a 12.9mm Revo shaft, which has a red tip silencer. I am trying to purchase a 12.4mm Revo shaft second-hand. All official photos, i.e. from predator or seyberts all show an unmistakably red tip silencer, and my current shaft is no exception. However, I've seen several photos of...
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    Europe wins Mosconi Cup

    Albin beats Skyler 5-4. Skyler did virtually nothing wrong in the final racks. He played a perfect safety, Albin made an amazing kick that won him the game. After the kick, he played a good safe, and with no extension left, Skyler was forced to play a jump shot really quickly, made a great hit...
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    How about Skyler!?

    Really impressive. After two matches, I haven't seen him miss a single ball. The only errors I've seen were a scratch on the break (which could be attributed to luck), and bad position on the 9-ball once (which made no difference because Bergman made the tough shot on the nine)
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    Kings Cup On Demand Stream

    I bought the "All Event Pass" for $24.95, and it says you can watch live or on demand. The only link it gives me is "Launch Player" which launches a player with a white screen that says "Loading" and never loads. Is anyone else who has the pass able to view today's matches? If so, how...