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  1. MurrayNevada

    Pool stuff you bought🤮, tried or used, and said never again.🤮

    Elephant brand practice balls are made to hold chalk so you can see where you are hitting the ball. It won't hold any Taom Pyro chalk. It's just too clean. I must use other chalks when using those practice balls.
  2. MurrayNevada

    Pocket size?

    The pockets on my Olhausen 8' are exactly as described in the video garczar posted. Yet i do have some rattle. I don't know if Olhausen has tried to remedy the problem but it is still there albeit less than their older tables. If the pockets are the same as the Diamond pockets in the video why...
  3. MurrayNevada

    Pocket size?

    This is a very new Olhausen table.
  4. MurrayNevada

    Pocket size?

    My Olhausen has 4.5" pockets and I wouldn't want them even a fraction tighter.
  5. MurrayNevada

    TAOM V10

    I have to disagree with you concerning the cleanliness of Blue Diamond vs Taom chalks. The Blue Diamond leaves much more of itself on the table, balls and surrounding areas. Not even close.
  6. MurrayNevada

    TAOM V10

    I don't think many believe a magical chalk will make their game better. Some of us however appreciate the cleanliness of certain chalks and spend some extra money for that reason. Nothing wrong with keeping our tables, carpets, balls and sticks clean.
  7. MurrayNevada

    Lassiter - Carella Challenge match 1977

    Love these old articles. Keep them coming.
  8. MurrayNevada

    TAOM V10

    Is it available in blue yet?
  9. MurrayNevada

    Defy shaft with Navigator Soft tip

    This seems to be the only CF shaft that recommends using a conditioner on the shaft. What is different about this CF shaft" From the McDermott website: "Defy carbon fiber shafts have a special finish that contains a slip agent. This helps keep the shaft slick and resists chalk, dirt, and hand...
  10. MurrayNevada

    Best player ever for the cash?

    Always was curious about those $1,000 bills stories. I have read a good bit about him and consistent with stories about his life is that he was sometimes loaded and sometimes broke. Hard to be broke and not use those $1,000 bills you have squirreled away. And 40 years after they last printed...
  11. MurrayNevada

    Carbon Fiber Shafts

    Much information available with a search.
  12. MurrayNevada

    CF shafts and spin

    Brunswick once owned forests.
  13. MurrayNevada

    CF shafts and spin

    You will find much disagreement here.
  14. MurrayNevada

    TAOM V10

    I'll try v10 too but until then I'm sticking with Taom Pyro. No mess and no miscues. Mess free on table, balls, hands and shafts. Some think it too expensive but it lasts a very long time. For a home table there is no cleaner chalk.
  15. MurrayNevada

    Well I did it. I finally got a Carom Billiard table for the home

    Is anything available to cover pockets to play some carom billiards?
  16. MurrayNevada

    Sold Predator Revo 12.9 Uni-loc

    73508, Has this sold to another? Have not received your email for PayPal Payment. Moving on to a different Revo sale.
  17. MurrayNevada

    Sold Predator Revo 12.9 Uni-loc

    Offer withdrawn.
  18. MurrayNevada

    Sold Predator Revo 12.9 Uni-loc

    Still available?
  19. MurrayNevada

    Carbon Fiber Shaft Poll

    Speaking of carbon fiber shafts I just posted this trade offer in Wanted/For Sale Thread:
  20. MurrayNevada

    Why buy a custom cue over a national brand?

    Sharpness aside I think the modern ones would fly the truest.