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    Joss Six Pointed Star

    Edit bump. Sorry to impose. I have minimal Joss knowledge, but I do know that there are a great number of Joss fans/experts frequenting the AZ world, and I'm hoping to learn more about this design. Thanks very much.
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    Happy Birthday, Dr. Dave!

    Hope its a good year.
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    Joss Six Pointed Star

    Does anyone have, know of, ever seen, a Joss cue with the same design? A similar design? The Serial Number is E01002. I understand the "E" indicates an approximate manufacture year of 2004. Any proximal serial numbers out there?
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    Joss Designs/Model Numbers

    Is there a source to aid in determining a Joss Cue's Model Number? Can Model Numbers and Serial Numbers be correlated? If so, how? On Joss's "standard" cues, what is the usual number produced for each design or model number?
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    please post a close-up of veneers. thanks.
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    Billiard Room - Sands Bowl, Lancaster, CA, circa 1959

    And while we are "off subject", for you old car lovers, "Cruisin the Coast" is in its 25th year here and is strong as ever. If old cars are your thing, its something you must check out -- kind of like DCC -- you have to see it to believe it.
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    Billiard Room - Sands Bowl, Lancaster, CA, circa 1959

    Biloxi's Beach Bowl was dead center in our notorious "Strip" on U.S. 90 (just east of Treasure Bay's present location). The pool tables were immediately inside the front doors, in their own glass partitioned area. My exposure to ten foot pool tables began and ended there.
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    REWARD + GoFundMe Acct. to catch Mike Surber's murderer

    Mike was one of a kind, and his death left a big hole in the lives of many people. If there is justice in this world, the garbage that killed him has already met a terrible end somewhere on the streets, or, if not, my fervent hope is that he will soon be caught and civilized justice rendered...
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    I did not intend to neglect you folks up North, and in fact, I have thought of ya'll quite often since learning of the tremendous devastation and loss of life ya'll experienced. Losing a car or a house is one thing, but the loss of a friend or relative is something not easily overcome. You...
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    Good to hear from you Hu. I was afraid the storm was parked over you way too long. House unhurt and electricity back on is a pretty good report. Sorry about your barn. Every storm seems to bring something different. Frederick in late 70's hit Mobile and brought us north winds which caused...
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    All motel rooms here are filled with folks from Louisiana. Grocery stores and gas stations are selling out -- empty shelves and coolers a daily occurrence.
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    Ida was compact and tough, with way too much staying power. Worst opponents in the world -- small, in-shape, and completely without the concept of "quit". When I was young, I at first wondered what was meant when two cats were jawing at each other and one warned "better pack a lunch", but I...
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    After Katrina, all of the Cell Towers were down here, and we ran generators for a month, so I can relate. It will be a while before they surface.
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    Does anyone know how our Louisiana friends fared? It was a lot of rain and moderate wind here, but over there, it was very much worse.
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    brunswicks and diamonds

    This is not meant to start a war. The answer or answers to these question are beyond me. A properly set up and maintained Gold Crown seems to me to be the perfect platform -- I detected no deficiency or need for improvement. Maybe I am wrong, but if I am correct, I cannot understand why...
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    Scam Alert: - New member: bmmerlord

    Online or offline one has to earn respect and trust. We are allowed to judge one another, and when we feel that someone is too new to the crowd, and we lack sufficient information, we are entitled to withold everything until they deserve approval.
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    What should I expect to pay for a good Gold Crown

    64K Question: How does one determine if a GC III is "old" -- requiring recutting of rails to accomodate new rubber -- or "new" -- readily accepting today's superspeed rubber?
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    draw better with heavier cue ball?

    Brings up a good question. Old bar box oversize/weight cueballs were difficult to draw. (I eventually learned after much cussing and many quarters.) Was the problem due to weight or circumference?
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    Brunswick Pool Table

    Still looking. Any leads out there?
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    Stolen cues 15 minutes north of Kansas City

    Was anything else stolen?