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    Will this work?

    I've got a junker cue I'm using to learn my way around on the Mid Size Cue Lathe from Chris Hightower. I sanded the finish off (splotchy brown stain, looks like they used a sponge to make it look exotic) and found some OK birdseye maple underneath. It's a wrapless cue and I'd like to put an...
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    House cue conversion

    I have an older house cue that I'd like to convert to a sneaky pete. It has a real nice, honey colored, patina on the surface though and I expect I'd have to sand or mill at least a little bit off in order for the joint to fit smoothly. How do others do it, or is it just bite the bullet and live...
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    Refinish a vintage Rich Q cue

    I've got a mid 70s Rich Q cue that has seen better days. The lacquer finish is pretty yellow and has been abraded away in places, enough so the joint is starting to corrode. I's like to refinish well enough to make a playable cue that looks more like it did when new. The yellowed lacquer on...
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    Rich cue ID

    It's not immediately obvious to me how to make attachment images show up in the message body, unless they do that automatically when I complete the post. If not I think you'll be able to just click on them to view them. This is a Rich cue (I believe not Rich Q) that I picked up some time ago...
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    Which Adam model do I have?

    I'm not having too much luck figuring this one out, other than it should be awfully early with the joint screw mounted backwards like that. I thought they stopped doing that in the 60s...