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  1. MurrayNevada

    Has the Open Bridge Become More Popular

    Old man here trying to get back to the game after 50+ years. Watching YouTube videos I see many of the tournament players now using an open bridge. Is the open bridge increasing in popularity? Thanks
  2. MurrayNevada


    I've looked and could not find an answer. I know Aramith makes the Predator Arcos II balls but do they use Aramith DURAMITH as they do in the Aramith Tournament balls?
  3. MurrayNevada

    What Cues/Shafts do the Professional Players Use?

    What do those guys use? Tried to search it and couldn't find anything. Then again I am an old and easily confused man.
  4. MurrayNevada

    Granddaughter's Table Design

    My seven year-old granddaughter gave me this hand painted card for Fathers Day. Her design, if produced, would greatly help my game. And it needs help greatly.
  5. MurrayNevada

    Arthritis and a return to an open bridge ...

    My arthritis makes a closed bridge difficult to form and painful. Has anyone here had arthritis change their bridge or other aspect of their game?
  6. MurrayNevada

    Ralph Greenleaf - One of the greatest to play the game

    Growing up my grandfather (Born in the 1890's) often spoke of seeing Ralph Greenleaf play in New York City. He thought he was greater than Mosconi and all the other greats. I didn't know the incredible, and sad, story of Greenleaf until I read the book cited below. It is well written and flows...
  7. MurrayNevada

    New Table Arriving next week ... But

    It isn't a Diamond or Brunswick GC. It's an Olhausen Hampton 8'x4' (furniture table with Simonis Tournament Blue cloth). It was a compromise, for appearance sake, with my wife of almost 50-years. That's how one stays married. Mostly for use by my grandkids but it will also give me something to...
  8. MurrayNevada

    Rookie question about 2-piece cue sticks

    When not playing should they be kept together or apart? Thanks
  9. MurrayNevada

    Introducing a new kid to the game - Cue suggestion

    Going to be introducing a teen grandchild to the game. Will be playing on an 8'x4' Olhausen table in my home. I have available a Predator Roadline with 12.4 Revo White Vault shaft and a Lucasi Custom with a 12.75 low deflection shaft. Both are 19 ounces. Not looking for my post to start a carbon...