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    FS: Custom Cue Cabinet, Houston, TX.

    Hi AZ, SOLD! Thank you AZ! I have a newly built custom cue cabinet for sale. I built it for a customer and some complications arose and is now available for sale. The cabinet will hold 5 butts and 10 shafts and accommodate up to 31" butts and shafts with joint protectors installed. The...
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    WTB: Simonis bed and rail cloth for 9’ table

    Someone on here was getting out of business and was selling their inventory of Simonis cloth but, I can’t seem to find that thread any longer. Can someone link me or let me know who that was? Thank you in advance. Again, I’m looking for Simonis cloth for a 9’ table. Thank you.
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    Custom cue cabinet #2

    Hi AZ, cabinet has been sold.....thank you. I have another custom cue cabinet I just completed and it is also for sale. Cabinet is built using black walnut and curly maple throughout. Cabinet will hold 14 butts and 42 shafts up to 31" in length with joint protectors. Dimensions are 53" wide...
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    Custom cue cabinet

    Custom cue cabinet, sold! Hi AZ, cabinet has been sold, thank you. I have a custom cue cabinet I just completed and is for sale. Built with black walnut carcass and curly maple for top trim and door. Cabinet will hold 9 butts and 27 shafts. It will accomodate up to 31" shafts and butts...
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    FS: Custom Cue Cabinet, Houston, TX.

    I just completed the build on a cue cabinet and is now for sale. The cabinet holds 12 butts and 36 shafts. It will accommodate up to 32" shafts and butts. Woods used are black walnut and maple for the carcass, top and bottom trim. Door is black walnut with curly maple inlay. Hardware are all...
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    FS: Custom cue display case

    SOLD!!!! PM me with what you have in mind. Thanks. I have a custom made cue display case for sale. Cabinet will hold 8 butts and 32 shafts and is made with black walnut, hard maple, and curly maple inlays and curly maple doors. Blum soft close European style hinges are installed along with a cam...
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    FS: Custom cue display case. Houston, TX.

    SOLD! Thank you AZ! Hi, I have a custom cue case I've built for sale. It's made of black walnut, maple, and curly maple. The case holds 7 butts and 14 shafts. I show cased my personal cues which are all 58" cues but, 59" and 60" will fit as well. It is finished in satin lacquer. The display...
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    WTB Schon Original Black Widow

    Anyone out there want to sell or know of someone wanting to part with their Schon Black Widow #1....doesnt matter if it has white or black butt and doesn't matter with or without shaft. Please PM me if you have one, thank you.:grin:
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    FS GC1 Fiberglass Skirts Houston, TX.

    I have for sale skirts taken from my GC1. I have complete skirts with all hardware and brackets. I am asking $50.00, I would prefer local pick up but, will ship on buyers expense. I live on the Southeast part of Houston near 45 and the beltway. PM me if your interested. Thanks.
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    Diamond 8' ProAm???

    Does anyone know if diamond installs Artemis cushions on their 8' ProAm? Thanks
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    WTB Schon SP1106

    Looking to buy Schon SP1106. Preferably with matching ring work on butt. Thanks.
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    Need some advice on an AZ transaction

    Situation is that I purchased a cue from a member on AZ and the member shipped it Fedex. The package was tracked and said to be left at my front door. I was home all day that day and their was no knock from Fedex. To shorten the story a bit, I never received the package and the seller didn't...
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    FS: Brunswick Balke Collender items

    Hello, I purchased a GC1 that came with most of the original items for sale. I am selling off the items because I will not be needing them. All items are in good original condition; I would like to sell items as a package but, will separate if need be. I am located in Houston and if someone...
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    Gem I found locally!

    After months of patiently waiting I finally found the a GC1 that I could not pass up! The owner told me that it has been in his family since new and it shows. I was lucky enough that he kept all the documents and accessories when they originally purchased the table. Below are photos of when I...
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    Older Brunswick Gibson with four legs?

    Does anyone know if Brunswick made the Gibson back then with four legs 9'? If so could you post photos of one? I did a search and could not find anything except for the two leg versions. Thanks in advance.