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    Poison Tour FL state Championships.
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    extreme pool challenge Cocoa beach FL
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    LTB: Jesse James Bowman cue

    Interested in the SP style, not the jazzed up ones. Thanks,
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    FS: Dan Janes Sneaky and Instroke 2x4

    Here is a JOSS. I picked this up on here about 7 years ago. It is a Sneaky that came out of Dan Janes shop. I do not have calipers and I do not know the size of the shaft. I believe it is just under 13. I have an email from him about it. I will post it under this add for clarification...
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    Lucasi break cue

    WTS: Break cue I have a Lucasi L-B2006 break cue for sale. The sticker still on the butt says 19 ounces. Rolls straight both together and separate. I had the tip changed to a phenolic one piece. This thing is a canon. Hate to sell it but Santa Needs to fill his sack. $100. Shipped. CONUS
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    TAR videos:

    I have a few sets of these that I would rather not part with but car breaks days after Christmas and you gotta do what you gotta do: These are all originals in the case they shipped with, not copies. 1: Corey Deuel V SVB 2: Buste V SVB 3: Efren V SVB 4: Alex V SVB (1st match)...
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    it took almost 11 years.. but here it is:

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    poison 9 tour Open event
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    FS: Mezz Pool Cue - ZZ-SP

    The PIC below is the model, but not the actual cue. It is dead nuts straight, Mike Gulyassy just put a brand new Kamui Black SS on it and cleaned up the shaft a bit. It has been played with for a few hours since then. It has the WD-700 shaft. There are four (I have not inspected it too much)...
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    just got off the phone with Laurie Franklin

    It has been 10 long years, but I just placed my order for a coco forearm with BEM points. I cant wait till March for final delivery!!!:grin::grin:
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    I finally got that call

    Yes, it has been almost 11 years, but today at 1:30 PM Laurie Franklin called me. :grin::grin: Now all I have to do is pick out my combination's and come up with the cash. BTW I am a golfer and pool player so I will have lots of stuff for sale as soon as I can get PICs up. Did I say...
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    Corey Vs SVB round two

    I am just hanging out watching the first TAR challenge between SVB and Corey Deuel (again) and I cant for the life of me figure out why we have not seen part 2. Dippy put your guy back in the box,, I need to see this. JMHO.. :thumbup:
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    On deck to get a new SW.

    I got a email from Laurie this morning, the time is near. I have thought about this moment for just over 10 years. Now that the time has come, I don't know how I want it. I was thinking wrap less, but that is an extra $275. My question is, if your were on deck; what style would you ask for...
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    WTB: Predator sp4rw

    Looking for a good price on one of these . Thanks,
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    FS: OB1 5/16 x14 piloted w/silver ring

    this matches up perfectly with a predator. I got it tonight. I checked to make sure it rolls straight and it does. I will check it in the morning for when I have better light for defects. I will open to offers at $125.00
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    where can I buy a Samsara JB tip again?

    After all the talk I figured WTH; I guess I will try one. Where do I get it?
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    Way to go D. UWATE!!!

    David played some good pool to get through this ummm... AM field. Congrats Sir!..
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    Fs: Bludworth

    4 points with Arrow shapes on the tips of each. The cue comes with two shafts (only one is pictured because my case is a 1x1), Sorry, don't know length or weight or tip size shaft diameter, balance point, etc.. it is just a Standard Bludworth that I picked up around 1997 or 1998 (Cant remember...
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    WTB: Capelle On 9-Ball: Archer VS Reyes” This book and DVD set

    Anyone have this set sitting around collecting dust?
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    Thread in the Action room had SVB and Alex playing a short race for 1K

    The thread ends win Hatch wins his set.. WHO WON BETWEEN SHANE AND ALEX? Score, etc.. Did the loser get a shot at his money again?