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  1. marcone

    WTB Predator SE/LE

    hello folks! I'm looking to find some se or le edition. You can PM or email me. Let's see what you've got! Thanks Marco
  2. marcone

    predator lovers

    Hi folks! Just wanted to share some of my personal playing cues and ones I am collecting, I'm a predator's lover!, let me know what you think!
  3. marcone

    FT: predator p2 and sneaky pete.

    Hi all, i'm considering to trade my predator cues: a p2 curly maple with 314/2 shaft and a sneaky pete 4 points with 314; both shafts have sniper tip. Cues are in excellent condition, only the sneaky has 2/3 minor dents on the butt. Shoot me some offers!
  4. marcone

    world cup of pool

    Any live streaming link for this? thanks
  5. marcone

    Brunswick titlist for trade.

    Hi all, Brunswick Titlist only for trade. The only thing is that the Brunswick logo is not on the cue anymore but there's Willie Hoppe signature on the forearm. It is still very solid.There are blemishes, but nothing out of the ordinary for an old cue like this. This should not matter though...
  6. marcone

    World Cup of Pool Qualification now!

    livestream is free for this moment!!!
  7. marcone

    Looking for predator P2

    I am looking for a Predator P2 no wrap (preferably). Any of you have one and want to sell pm me. Thanks
  8. marcone

    Looking for predator se 10 or 11 by mezz

    Hi all, i'm looking for this beauty, also without shaft. thanks
  9. marcone

    eurotour - paris

    Euro-Tour/ Dynamic French Open is here! also the livestream!
  10. marcone

    titlist mycue

    this is my first titlist! let me know what do you think.
  11. marcone

    A good sneaky pete

    Hi all, I'd like buy a custom sneaky pete to use with my predator uni-loc shaft. I was wondering who made a good sneaky. Any suggestion is appreciated. thanks marco
  12. marcone

    predator sneaky pete or ikon?

    hi all, i'm looking to buy a preator but I'd like to know what difference between full splice and c4 hit.
  13. marcone

    omega billiards

    can anyone give me any delivery of omega biliards? I would buy a cue from them but I do not know how to contact. thanks
  14. marcone

    looking for predator se11 (by mezz)

    i'm looking for this beauty! also without shaft.
  15. marcone

    WTB_predator 314 uniloc shaft

    hi, i'm looking for a predator 314 shaft with uniloc.Has anyone got one for sale?
  16. marcone

    joss - c04617

    hi all, I know what you think about beautiful joss. it's not a new model, but I don't know the year of construction, any idea? thanks marco
  17. marcone

    a gentleman case

    Hi all, i want to show you my case made for me 9 years ago by my friends giuseppe and sonia ( Real leather, italian style...simply.
  18. marcone

    WTB: z shaft

    hi all, i'm looking for an original predator z shaft (1 edition), uniloc, lenght 30. thanks
  19. marcone

    samsara b/j

    hi all, i'm looking for for a break. what do you think about the samsara b/j ? thanks
  20. marcone

    a break for christmas

    hi all, i know....the wonted post.:sorry: I am looking for a break cue. price isn't too much of an issue but what cue would you recommend. thanks