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  1. bmsclayton

    The Players Club 10/4-10/5 presents Fedor Gorst vs Devin Poteet race to 16 One Pocket.

    I can’t wait for another top one hole match. If you don’t know then you should definitely watch. Devin is a very solid one pocket player and Fedor never misses. Classic shooter vs knowledge. On Facebook thru our Supporter page. Just $20 per month for all of our best action and give aways!
  2. bmsclayton

    The Players Club AZ Jay vs Brady Behrman Tonight on FB live . Ricky Evans commentary

    Join us for two of our areas top amateur players battle it out for a fourth time. Junior champ Ricky Evans and Brendan on commentary
  3. bmsclayton

    The Players Club-Ghorst/Bergman/Kristina Tkach/Poteet 7/19-7/26

    Welcome Everyone! We Live Stream great stuff all the time. 4-5 nights of Bergman and friends per week on average. $20 month to be a supporter and see our best stuff and biggest action. Also access to discounts, autographs, giveaways Thank you to all who Follow us This is a lot of fun
  4. bmsclayton

    Bergman / Poteet One Hole 6/15-6/17 @The Players Club stl

    Non stop action on the Supporter only Facebook channel of The Players Club. Race to 16 , 8 ea day , live with Commentary ea night. $20 per month! July features Fedor and Kristina with Justin Bergman. Always working on more to! last month Efren Reyes. We have had Fedor, JHall, Saez, Harriman...
  5. bmsclayton

    May 19-20 Efren Reyes vs Justin Bergman 15 ball Rotation and One Pocket

    I can never top this event so please come join us at The Players Club Supporter only stream to see this. It is $20 per month and we do some great streams every week including Justin Bergman and anyone we get here. We have had Fedor Ghorst, Justin Hall, Roland Garcia, Joey Gray, Sarah Rousey...
  6. bmsclayton

    The Players Club-April 9/10 Sarah Rousey busting TeamTPC , Justin Bergman and more

    The Players Club located in St.Louis MO is putting on some fun new stuff every day it feels like.Sarah Rousey coming to bust TeamTPC. Several action matches lined up including our House Pro Justin Bergman, Clubhouse Pro King Ryan Last month Fedor Gorst and I’m begging every champ I can find to...
  7. bmsclayton

    The Players Club -Live tonight and most nights. Alex Saputo vs Fast Joey

    Hello and welcome to our stream. We go live on FB most nights with a mix of games and skill levels. Everything from Justin Bergman giving up the nuts to C players playing even. Join us tonight or any night as it is a fun little community we have going. Brendan Sullivan
  8. bmsclayton

    The Players Club - Bergman vs Behrman 1/2 @ 7 PM Race to 50

    We will be live with a great match up this Saturday night! Justin Bergman giving 15 games in a race to 50 to Brady Berhman Brady ran 16 including an opening 5 in his last race to 50 Justin laughs and says he is running an 11 . Also threatening to give the ghost 15 on 20. Magic rack 9 ball...
  9. bmsclayton

    The Players Club - 12/13 MM series Race to 50. Brady Behrman vs Austin Summers -6pm

    Can't wait to talk to you guys during this match! Brady put on a great show last night winning the first game then running a 5 pack to open! About 16 out of 50 he BNR. This one is 10 ball and a new hot young opponent. Cant wait to see Austin Summers play live. Join John Pirkey and I on...
  10. bmsclayton

    Sat-10/17/20 Women's Challenge @The Players Club in STL Sat,10/17 7 pm

    We have a really fun match of two extremely dedicated female players from our area in St. Louis, MO. They both support local venues, leagues, and tournaments. Jump on the stream and chat and check out our place and this great match up. We mostly sell JB cases and have about 25-50 in stock...
  11. bmsclayton

    The Players Club - Danny Harriman vs Robb Saez tonight 7 pm

    Anytime I can find a champion or two around town, I am going to put on a match and stream it. Robb is hanging out in St. Louis and has played for us several times. We love watching him play. He was running banks like crazy in a short rack game. Trying to outrun the nuts on the barbox. He...
  12. bmsclayton

    PPV July 28 Bergman vs D.Harriman Full rack banks 3 sets

    We have all been waiting to see the forgotten other Pro player from Missouri. I have never seen him play live and can't wait. He said he is in good stroke to play banks and will give Justin everything he can handle. We are talking about an all around in the fall too. I'm paying the winner...
  13. bmsclayton

    Bergman - Roland Garcia June 22-23 Race to 40

    I just opened my new shop this week. I have always wanted to put on some big matches and love the old TAR Style of paying the people to play that we love to watch. I also have some seating area and other tables to play on during the few day festival. I hope this is a lot of fun and we get to...
  14. bmsclayton

    2/9/20 Justin Bergman vs TPC fun Q&A

    Should go live about 8 pm tonight. Couple short matches for Justin and as usual I will be sharking him with questions during. Fire away questions in the chat if you wish. New bigger little shop opening March!!! Looking for a champion to come play here in STL ...
  15. bmsclayton

    Justin Bergman @TPC on Twitch/stlplayersclub

    The stream should be live about 8 pm tonight. Think we have a match for him but it may change. As always I will interview the champ and attempt to shark him while he plays. Always interesting at TPC. Join the stream and have some fun. I will be at the Derby Fri evening until Sunday Morning...
  16. bmsclayton

    JB Ultimate Ruggeds new

    JB Ultimate Ruggeds in stock and ready to ship same day usually. $200-300. 4x8(230-300, 3x6(220-255), 3x4(210-245), 2x3(190-210). Most with backpack straps. Shipping conus $15 You can reach me on here or for faster response in Facebook. Brendan Sullivan The Players Club
  17. bmsclayton

    SLYSO VS Bergman tonight! @ The Players Club

    We are going to have a little fun tonight and help raise some $$$ for a great St. Louis Charity. We are going to interview and interact with Billy Mayhall of St. Louis Youth Sports Outreach and our own champion Justin Bergman. SLYSO is holding it's annual tournament this weekend to raise...
  18. bmsclayton

    Justin Bergman vs Brendan Sullivan

    The Players Club You can watch the action here: Also, please read the info at the top of the page to help improve your viewing experience. See you all in the stream! Justin giving up 18-4 one pocket Alt break 10 ball call 7,8,9 and I get bih after my break. No...
  19. bmsclayton

    Side Pockets, Open 9, 8/22-8/23, Seeded by PA

    August 22-23, RYO 9 ball, bar table, Race to 7, $1500 added with 64, Seeded by Player Auction. All blind bids. Live Streamed. Action, Great food, Cheap Tables, Great $$$. Any Champions coming in town let me know as I have some sponsors / backers looking for a little fun!
  20. bmsclayton

    Oscar Dominguez VS Justin Bergman April 7,8

    The Players Club is thrilled to present this match. Pay Per view options on And....