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    FS: Bluegrass

    Hello AZers, here is a Bluegrass for sale. Top condition. Two shafts 4oz each with Zan medium. Butt weight is 15.6oz. Price: $1.300 shipped More pics:
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    DBK's new segmented hornbeam shafts

    There is one more novelty in work for a german pool billiards community test: a segmented hornbeam shaft. Here are some pics. Also Dmitry is making a cue specially for this test for a better comparison.
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    Finally united

    Got my matching J/B. Built exact how I wanted it, great break and jump action. Super deal with Dmitry Komarov alias DBK as always.
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    90° Fullsplice butterlies with points made by DBK

    The very first attempt to combine full splice butterlies with long points. Still amazing even with this simple wood combo.
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    Two new from DBK

    Two orders in progress for german customers:
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    Happy birthday, DBK

    Dmitry, congrats on your birthday. Keep doing your great work.
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    My new DBK butterfly cue in progress

    Thanks for looking.
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    4 Komarovs

    The good friend of mine has got his new DBK cue, so we met together to test it. It's the top cue on the picture. Plays very nice. Also my cue (second from top), his old cue (third from bottom) and the amazing number 100 annivesary cue.
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    Siberian bear by DBK

    A new piece of art from the best full splice maker in the world. Since Dmitry is so busy and modest ;), I post the pics of his latest work. Enjoy!
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    My new break cue

    Here is the blank for my new matching break cue: wenge, hornbeam, java palisander. I think, I don't need to say, who is the maker :)
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    A new cue for my daughter in progress

    Today I received first pics from DBK (who else :)). This will be the new cue for my daughter, 14 year old, 3 time German champion. She loves purpleheart :) Enjoy.
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    US Open 1989 tournament chart

    Do anyone knows, where I can find it?
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    My new DBK custom in progress

    My new full splice 6 pointer from Dmitry Komarov. Wenge, hornbeam, java palisander.