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  1. triley41395

    Jackpot...A couple Bulldogs...Bishop...and a Joiner

    From top to bottom 1 conversion from Kevin Joiner at Joiner Custom Cues 2 custom from Ryan Jones...Bishop 3 & 4 conversions from Skip Thorp at Bulldog Custom Cues 5 new Jackpot/Deano from Dean I plan on taking them all out for a test drive just as soon as the world opens back up for business.
  2. triley41395

    WTT Ebony spliced Brunswick BBC 1 piece cue

    I'm listing this because I thought someone might want this for their home table before I send it out to be converted. I would like to trade it for a house cue that has already been converted. This cue is prett straight but not perfect, definitely uasble. Will need a new ferrule and tip and the...
  3. triley41395

    Wrap used in the 80's

    I'm wanting to know what was the best/most popular linen wrap brand used in the mid to late 80's. Specifically black with blue speck or black with red speck. I have a cue from 88 or 89 as confirmed by the maker that had black/blue or black/red wrap. I would also like to know if someone has...
  4. triley41395

    8" and 12" Mitutoyo calipers

    Please post in this thread if you want either pair. I have 2 pair of mitutoyo calipers for sale.the first are 8" digimatics with box and the second is a pair of 12" dials with no box. Both pair are in good working condition. U.S. shipping and pay-pal. 65.00 each pair shipped
  5. triley41395

    Jerry Olivier and a beautiful Instroke

    Picked up a Jerry Olivier cue with 2 shafts in a really nice Instroke case Monday night. Jerry said the cue is number 8 from his first brochure from the early 90's. The case I'm not sure of the age but I assume 2000'ish. The cue is in excellent condition except one shaft is missing the tip. The...
  6. triley41395

    Anybody buying 1916 cues

    If you can find someone with them in stock the prices seem fair]:thumbup: I looked on line and could not find these catalog pages with the prices. I took the pictures from a Craigslist add a few months ago and thought you might enjoy them.
  7. triley41395

    My newest acquisition

    Picked up this Viking Retail Display Case yesterday. Its been around the block a time or two,has a few scratches but I think it displays cues nicely,even my wife liked it. Enjoy....
  8. triley41395

    Picked up another hand painted Schmelke

    I was surfing around last week and ran across this. Looks like their D-1 model but hand painted in 94. The wizard is a little smaller though. Hope you enjoy the pics it just something a little different.
  9. triley41395

    Buddy's personal cue

    Picked this up in southern Indiana with a rack and 20 other cues and this was probably the best of them...and yes it was Buddy's cue....Buddy who I don't know but his name was on the case.Thought some of you might like the design.I don't know how old it is but I don't see it in any of the older...
  10. triley41395

    Is this case worth saving

    I have no idea what kind of case this is but was wondering 2 things .. it worth fixing and 2.who would I send it to. Looks descent on the outside but rough rough on the inside and the bottoms missing. Should I just hang it on the wall as is or should I have it fixed to store a cue...
  11. triley41395

    testing 123

  12. triley41395

    Butterfly cues..Whats the wood?

    I picked up these today. not sure who made them or what kind of wood they are . I thought maybe one of the cuemakers on here might be able to tell what kind of wood they are by pictures. Thanks in advance Lee
  13. triley41395

    aramith balls 2 sets one price

    As long as these do not say sold they are still available for sale or Trade.. 1st set looks new never played Aramith Premium.The box looks great and has papers. 2nd set is in an Aramith box but they do not match. I think 1-9,11,14 are original to the box. The 10,12,13,15 I don't know could...
  14. triley41395

    Old Brunswick Cue I.D.

    First let me start off by hi to anyone who remembers me and hi to all the new comers. Its been a while since I posted anything on AZ.I kind of lost a lot of interest in pool about 10 years ago. I recently went to an estate auction , seen an old cue and it sparked my interests again. OK...
  15. triley41395

    test pics

    Test Pics
  16. triley41395

    F/S Maple/ebony Richard Black 2 shafts

    For sale is a 94 Black...2 shafts leather wrap...maple/ebony...I have no way of weighing so I do not have the weight...Cue is in excellent is not new but is in great shape not all dinged and dented...I will do escrow depending on the buyer...looking to buy something else so...
  17. triley41395

    Looking for info on Freedom Billiards in Dayton Ohio

    I'm looking for info on who owns Freedom billiards in Dayton Ohio and more specificly who is doing there repair work....Its mothers day so I'll post the whole story later....Got to go see mom..:D Ok,,,I'm back so heres the story...I went to Freedom billiars in dayton to have a tip and ferrule...
  18. triley41395

    5/16-14 thread J/P problem..Can I make them work?

    OK, Here is my problem,I have 3 Schons one is from the late 80's and two are from the late 90's. I also have an extra shaft(Nova). All the shafts interchange with all 3 cues. I bought joint protectors for all of them but the older shaft and the Nova shaft J/P's will not fit.I ordered them all...
  19. triley41395

    My new custom production cue

    This cue started its life as a Schon STL-9 bought in about 2000. After being broken due to a gambling loss I got the cue and it sat in an old case until I decieded to have a jump/break cue made out of it.The whole forearm was replaced including the collar and pin and I had the cue maker put in...
  20. triley41395

    Help with ID McDermott GDL-1994 "Mixed hidaway"

    I am concidering buying a Mc Dermott cue but cant find any info on it.I dont have any pictures yet but the cue has GLD 1994 just above the wrap and the letters B.H. It has a bar scene airbrushed and says mixed hidaway on the forearm. And the McD. symbol on the sleeve. It also has a green...