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  1. Kidwill

    Sold Predator P3 Cue FS!

    Bump it up for a price drop. Now $500!!!
  2. Kidwill

    Sold Myth Case 2x4 FS!

    Bump it up
  3. Kidwill

    Sold Myth Case 2x4 FS!

    Picked up this case a few months ago and have been using it for storage. Sold a few cues so I no longer need it. This case is heavy duty and extremely well built. Features leather tooling throughout the case with equally well done interior featuring PVC tubes for protection. Case is in great...
  4. Kidwill

    Sold Pierce Custom Cue FS!

    Up for grabs is a wrap less Jim Pierce custom. I took this in on a trade and haven’t used it much since. I would rate the condition as an 8/10 and everything is straight together or apart. Cue is six points of olivewood into cocobolo on the forearm. The handle is wrapless olivewood with high...
  5. Kidwill

    Sold Predator P3 Cue FS!

    I’ve got a lightly used Predator P3 cue up for sale. Was using it for a couple of weeks while my player was getting a new shaft made. Cue could pass as new however the tip was changed and I did hit a few racks with it. Specs: Butt 15.5 oz and 29” Shaft Z3 3.8 oz 11.85 mm and 29” Searing...
  6. Kidwill

    Sold Cyclops Ares Ball Set FS!

    Up for grabs is a lightly used set of Cyclops billiard balls in the traditional color scheme. I’m looking for SOLD obo. Payment via PayPal and shipping CONUS is on me. Thanks for looking and if you’ve got any questions feel free to PM me. No trades at this time. All the best Will
  7. Kidwill

    Sold LTS Zen Merry Widow

    I’ve got a great player from Zen cues up for sale. 3/8x11 joint pin Butt 15.4 oz 28.5” Shaft 1 3.9 oz 12.6 mm 29.5” This cue feature Zen’s traditional silver ring work as well as MOP and silver rings above and below the wrap. The wrap itself is a textured leather. Also comes with an upgraded...
  8. Kidwill

    Sold LTS Murrell Cue

    Up for sale is a great player by Kenny Murrell. 5/16x14 piloted compression joint Butt 15.3 oz 29” Shaft 1 3.7 oz 13 mm 29” Shaft 2 3.6 oz 12.8 mm 29” Everything rolls straight together and apart. Cue was recently refinished by Scott Sherbine. The buttcap was also replaced due to a crack...
  9. Kidwill

    LTB 3/8x10 Modified JPs

    Having a tough time finding 3/8x10 modified joint protectors. I’m looking for basic black, no need for anything too fancy. Some have said that standard jps for 3/8x10 would work but others have said that they will not. If anyone’s got some modified 3/8 jps let me know. Thanks Will
  10. Kidwill

    Jim Vest Contact Info

    I was wondering if anyone had an email or phone for Jim Vest. I’m trying to reach him about a cue. Thanks in advance Will
  11. Kidwill

    Contact info on Joe Blackburn

    I was wondering if anyone has Joes contact info. Also does anyone know if you can send out cues or shafts to Joe to have work done. Thanks in advance for any info. Will
  12. Kidwill

    Sold Tony Viesti 3x6 Case FS!!!

    I've got a lightly used Viesti case for sale that was made in early March of last year. I used the case for a bit and then put it away as i didn't need a case that large any longer. This case is a tank. Perfect for cue protection and transport. I'll let the pics do the talking regarding the...
  13. Kidwill

    Mezz Ex Pro and Deep Impact 2 FS!!!

    I've got two spare shafts up for grabs. First is a very lightly used Ex Pro shaft. I tried it out a few times but couldn't get used to the LD. Come with JP and is the standard Mezz Wavy joint. Shaft is clean, straight, and ding free. Looks almost new and could certainly pass as new. The second...
  14. Kidwill

    Molinari 2x4 Case FS!!!

    I've got a lightly used Molinari case up for grabs. I've had the case for about a year and picked it up to store some unused cues. I recently got rid of the cues so it's time for the case to head out as well. The case has been lightly used and is in great condition overall. No real scuffs...
  15. Kidwill

    Mezz CP-13SW Southwest Style FS!!!!!

    I've got up for sale a SW style Mezz. This cue features an ebonized forearm with six tulipwood points. The buttsleeve is also ebonized with tulipwood. It has a straight black linen wrap as well. Cue comes with a Mezz wavy joint with an option of two different shafts. The only imperfection...
  16. Kidwill

    Couple of Tex Custom Cues FS!!!!!!

    I've got a couple of brand new unhit Tex custom cues for sale. Both cues feature impregnated burl points and buttsleeves. I'm not 100% sure on the wood but it looks to be walnut burl to me. The first features a segmented wrap with fancy rings. The second is a solid wrap. Both cues come with...
  17. Kidwill

    Shafts FS Revo 12.9 and Mezz DI 2!!!!!

    Revo 12.9 and Deep Impact 2!!!!! SOLD thanks for looking
  18. Kidwill

    Predator Revo Question...

    Are all of the Revo shafts marked on the opposite side of the Predator logo with the mm size? (ie. 12.9 and 12.4) I have a guy trying to sell a Revo without the size marked although my calipers are telling me it is a 12.9. Not having the 12.9’or the 12.4 mark leads me to believe its...
  19. Kidwill

    Vollmer Cue FS/FT!!!

    I've got a Vollmer cue up for either trade or sale. As for trades I'm looking for Mottey, Tasc, or something along those lines. Trade value on the cue will be a little higher than the asking price. A multi cue trade would not be out of the question either. Specs Butt 15.5 oz Shaft 1 12.6mm...
  20. Kidwill

    Garten Bierbower Custom Cue FS!!!

    I picked up this cue recently looking to add it to my collection, however a large cue came up that I just can’t pass up so a few things have to go. This cue is mint with only one shaft having been test hit. I honestly don’t know too much about Garten, but this cue plays well and the execution...