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    Best banks info

    What is the best banking info book or dvds ?
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    Efren signed cueball

    Looking for an Efren reyes signed cue ball and possibly other pro player balls
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    Sold AE / Black Pearl fs

    What happened to the AE shaft ?
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    Sold AE / Black Pearl fs

    No shafts for the AE ?
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    Coker wanted

    Coker cue wanted under $800 pics and price I use PayPal G&s for payment
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    Coker 6 Pointer 1000

    Weight ?
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    Southwest type cue

    Who makes the closest southwest style cue that hits and and looks like the real thing ? That a working guy can afford ? Wes hunter ? Etc ….
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    Sold Bocote Curly Maple Full Splice...............F/S

    What cues do you have available now ? You can pm me pics and prices
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    Sold Bocote Curly Maple Full Splice...............F/S

    Is PayPal goods and services ok ? For some reason some people won’t except it but it gives the buyer protection in case they receive nothing
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    Schon cue under $500

    Thanks .but I’m looking for something a lil different
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    Schon cue under $500

    Looking for a schon cue under $400 very good condition.
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    Wanted Meucci road agent

    Looking for a meucci road agent or city of lights cue in excellent condition and straight together and apart .PM pics and price thanks
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    Wtb meucci original

    Looking for a meucci original cue in good condition 19 0z and prices please
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    Predator air II vs Lucasi air hog II

    Which one and why please
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    Best break/jump cue

    What do you think is the best break/jump cue and why ?
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    meucci cues

    im looking for a meucci original road agent cue with 2 shafts in excellent condition as well as a meucci sneaky pete from the same era hopefully with 2 shafts .must be straight and in excellent overall condition .pm me with pics and price thank you
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    meucci hof-7 with 4b8s case +++

    i have a nice meucci hof-7 with black dot shaft 19.oz and a like new sterling 4b 8s case + a white python joe porper 2b 4s case like new and a 20 oz aska jump break cue like new all for SOLD THANKS shipped postal MO only. if you give me your email i can send pics .i don't know how to post them
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    cues for sale

    meucci sneakey pete like new, played 2 racks with black bans red dot 19oz $200 shipped huebler hustler 20oz excellent condition $200 shipped jacoby custom made for jesse "james " bowmen 4 points with malichite guns in the points and butt , leather wrap 2 shafts 19oz. the finish is cracked...
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    WTB break/jump cue

    looking for an x-breaker , sledgehammer or samsara break/jump cue in great condition at a good price. pm me please
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    wtb meucci sneaky pete

    looking for an 80s to 90s vintage meucci sneaky pete in nice shape and straight. thanks