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    Thrift Store Find

    There's a thrift store about a mile from where I work. I walk around there once a week or so just to get out of the office and stretch my legs. I fount this Helmstetter in a McDermott coffin case mixed in with old tennis rackets. $14.99. She's straight and hits pretty nice!
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    8 or 16 ball polisher?

    I'm planning on pulling the trigger on a diamond ball polisher. Should I purchase the 8 or 16? I'm thinking the 8 to save cost and storage space. In my view, taking the extra time to run the second half isn't a big deal for a home table (would be different if it was in a pool hall). How...
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    Ball cleaner

    Looking for a decent one.
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    How much weight could you give up?

    I'm at work but I can't concentrate on work with this whole Coronavirus stuff going on. Last night I was trying to escape through pool. I realize I truly play bad. I mean I really suck. I was thinking about the difference between my 20 year old self and my current self. I'm pretty sure my...
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    Thrift Store Find / Cue ID Please

    Looks Palmerish to my untrained eye. Or is it a cheap / crap cue? It was only a $10 gamble :)
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    Table mechanic needed in the NYC / Philly area

    A friend of mine just purchased a used Gold Crown IV near the NYC area. He needs someone to take it apart, drive it to the Philadelphia area, and put it together with new felt. Could anyone recommend a good table mechanic in the NYC / Philly area? Also, he's buying it mostly for his two boys...
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    Wanted: 8' or 9' table in the Philadelphia area

    I have a friend looking for a nice table. He's not a player, he want it for his boys. He has a really nice finished basement, and he's a little fussy, so he wants something that looks good. I was thinking a GCIII would be a good fit for him.
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    Cue ID help please

    A buddy of mine brought this to work and asked me about it. Besides being kind of crudely made, I had nothing for him. It looks 1960 or 70ish. Can someone help him out? I've ruled out Gus for us.
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    14.1 now vs then

    I see all the discussion and controversy regarding how much easier Mosconi's 526 was because it was on an 8 foot table with 5" pockets. I have an opinion on that because I recently purchased an old 8ft table with huge, gutter like pockets and slow cloth. At first I hated everything about the...
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    I just bought a home table (Gold Crown 3). I will need a good set of balls. Not looking to go cheap, but I don't want to throw money away unnecessarily. What should I go with? Thanks for the advice!
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    Who wants to open a pool room?

    Nice place and good people. Great deal too.
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    Who wants to open a pool room?

    Nice place and good people. Great deal.
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    One pocket question

    Two balls come up on the spot, incoming player has ball in hand behind the head string. I have never seen both balls made in their hole. I can double bank the back ball about half the time. But if I try to force the front ball, the hit is too hard for the back ball to throw. Can both balls be...
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    Looking to trade for a diamond

    Looking to trade for a diamond solitaire (the rock) I need a large solitaire diamond. Over 1 carat, round cut...may be open to other cuts though. I have a nice, unmolested (original) Gus and very nice Bushka. It would be nice to swap a cue to save the cash (I don't even play pool anymore)...
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    1x2 Elephant Ron Thomas & 1x2 Elephant Engles

    I'm clearing out some extra cases. These just sat in my closet and both are close to mint. The chocolate Brown Ron Thomas is $SOLD shipped and insured. I believe these are a grand from Ron (if he's still making cases). The caramel colored Engles is $SOLD shipped and insured. It's the...
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    South West FS

    Very, very nice SW with the nicest fiddleback maple I have ever seen. Bright veneers and excellent condition. Everything straight together and apart. -Weight: 19 point something (I can't recall) -Length: 58" -Shafts: Two, Full 13mm SOLD
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    Fellini & Centennial

    I have a few cases I don't use. I just listed them on Fleabay. If someone on AZ wants the Centennial, it's $300 shipped.
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    Looking for a Pool Room near Pipersville PA

    I just moved to Pipersville PA. Are there any pool rooms around? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Question about a home table on thick carpet

    I just bought a place large enough for a 9 foot table. The potential problem is a thick carpet and pad. It seems like setting a table on that carpet would open up problems with keeping it level. Is this the case, or would a 9 foot table weigh enough to make it not matter? Thanks in advance...
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    Luther Lassiter: short story and quick question

    Back around 86, I watched Luther play in the BC Open 9 Ball Tournament. This was a major tournament at the time and all the big names were there. Luther looked much older than he actually was. He was only in his late 60s but looked like he was 80. Luther cashed in that tournament and knocked...