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  1. OtterBoy

    Rugs for under a billiards table

    Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on what the best rug for under a tournament size billiards table. The rug is going to be placed on top of new laminate floor and was wondering what type of rug would be best to use. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated and helpful. Thank you.
  2. OtterBoy

    Peter Vitalie pool tables

    Does anyone know if there is a printed story or video about Peter Vitalie pool tables and why did they go out of business?
  3. OtterBoy

    Table Setup

    I have acquired a extremely high quality billiards table and want to try to set it up as much as I can. It is a Vitalie Castile 4.5' X 9' size. Anyone have any suggestions or comments about this. The photo is from the table's previous home and is disassembled now.
  4. OtterBoy

    Billiards table construction

    I was just wondering why the beams and inside wood construction of pool tables are not finished or sealed. Even upscale and high end tables are unfinished with the inside beams and construction. I would think that finishing the beams and wood construction would make the wood more stable, because...
  5. OtterBoy

    Billiard table construction

    I was wondering why in the construction of billiard tables, that on a upscale or higher quality table that the inside beams and inside framework are always unfinished. Is there a reason for this or just because it is not seen, so it is not finished.
  6. OtterBoy

    Outlaw cue

    I really like the look of the green shamrock Outlaw cue and wanted to know if anyone had it and there thoughts on the cue or knew anything about this cue.
  7. OtterBoy

    Removing beewax

    A friend of mine bought a used pool table and wanted to know how to remove the old bees wax from the slate.
  8. OtterBoy

    Pool table spots

    I seen a pool table with a clear spot, instead of the usual black spot. It was still visible, but way more cool than the black spots. My question is where does one get a clear spot for pool and billiards tables?
  9. OtterBoy

    Attaching Pockets

    The installer who setup my pool table used small tacks to install the leather pockets into the pool table. My question is, when he nailed in the small tacks, it split some of the wood and was wondering is there another way to install the pockets that would not cause damage to the wood or pool...
  10. OtterBoy

    Pool table weight

    I was just wondering about a pool table weight. If I were to upgrade to a larger, more substantial table should I be concerned about the weight on the floor. I have had larger aquariums before and was always told to make sure the floor can support a large aquarium due to its extreme weight. Just...
  11. OtterBoy

    Ball Rack

    Someone brought it up in my other thread about there preference on ball rack, it was the Magic Rack. I looked at video of the Magic Rack and am unsure, I looked at Don's Rack and thought it was a good rack. What's everyone opinion on the perfect rack.
  12. OtterBoy

    Cloth Cleaning

    Just wanted to know what I should use to clean the cloth on the table. I do use a brush Igot at a billiards store, but also got a huge lint roller ( the kind with the sticky paper) and use that, but was wondering if it's OK to use it for cleaning. Does anyone know or used the Simonis X1 cloth...
  13. OtterBoy


    So, everyone commented on my billiards table cloth color, So now I want to know what color everyone thinks is the best color to have on a billiards table. Here is a pic of my table again.
  14. OtterBoy

    Pool table maintenance

    I am new to pool and have kinda of a lame question. I got a semi nice pool table and have been cleaning it up and what not. My question is does anyone know how to remove wax buildup from the wood parts of the table. I don't want to damage to wood and unsure what to use on it. After its clean I...