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    Dual citizenship no doubt.
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    Ken Shuman’s ponytail

    He is the referee for the Strickland match live atm on the tv table
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    If for some reason you have trouble doing this on your tv via roku, you could try casting from a browser on a laptop/PC for example. get a chromecast or chromecast ultra & connect it to an HDMI port on your tv. Using the chrome browser look for the 3 dots in the right hand corner & scroll down...
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    2021 Diamond Las Vegas Open - Streaming Link

    Mark Griffin sold CSI to Ozzy Reynolds
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    Judd Trump to play U.S. Open.................

    Predator cloth also
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    Dennis vs Biado next match on tv table. Stream looks good
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    Mine also. I did hear Ray say he was rebooting and he had to switch internet providers.
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    PPV-12K Added Diveney Cues Inaugural Bar Box Classic May 5-9th, 2021

    What time today will this event start?
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    Players dropping out of the Matchroom/Predator CLP

    I remember Michael Jordan wore the US Flag draped over another shoe MFG'S logo at the Olympic medal ceremony due to his relationship with Nike. Not a fair comparison but he did cover up the competitor's brand logo at the ceremony
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    Slowww site.....

    Did your IT mates comment on your use of Windows 7? Its not about your hardware. Your OS is still leaving you vulnerable. But have it your way
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    Slowww site.....

    Have you run a virus scan? Run Malwarebytes? It wouldn't kill you to install Chrome and try that browser. All these things are free & if you insist on running Windows 7, an ancient operating system, you need to be maintaining your system. The new Firefox, assuming you even update your browser...
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    Slowww site.....

    Microsoft gave everyone with a legal copy of Windows 7 a chance to upgrade to Win 10 for free. You chose to go legacy. That means you need to be diligent in maintaining your system to be safe. I wish you well going forward.
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    Slowww site.....

    Firefox/Mozilla is no longer a browser you should be using. Windows 7 is end of life and no longer gets security updates. If you want to keep using it have at it. You obviously have some issues going on you haven't identified. If the site works well for everyone else but you, you can either try...
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    Slowww site.....

    Site works fine for me. Time to retire Windows 7 and you should try another browser. Chrome works quite well for me on Windows 10
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    JB Cases site issues...??

    the site works fine for me, windows 10 home on chrome. I am using a vpn and Avira AV.
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    Elite Cues any good ? here is one
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    PPV-47th Annual Tx Open 9 Ball Championships Plus 1 Pocket Oct 28-Nov 1st

    what link do I use to watch todays 9 ball? I paid for the one day pass
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    PPV-47th Annual Tx Open 9 Ball Championships Plus 1 Pocket Oct 28-Nov 1st

    paid for the 9 ball/one pocket today. was watching corey vs dennis. when i log in to site I don't see any link for the "player". Maybe it just hasn't started yet I don't know. Is there a link I need in order to watch the stream?