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  1. Leigh

    Six ball run out - criticism wanted

    Here is my attempt (this was a good turn out for me) at running six balls. I know I needed more speed on the four, which would have put me further up table on the five, and I wouldn't have left myself such a hard shot on the six. I am only starting to work on pattern play as I have been...
  2. Leigh

    Trying to get feedback, end up sabotaged.

    I was attempting to record myself trying to run six balls, upload it here and get some feedback... but this happened and I messed up my leave anyway. (I will keep trying.) Anyone else playing obstacle pool?
  3. Leigh

    Need advise

    Forgive the misspelling of advice. My “talk to text” likes to make corrections and I didn’t catch it in time. How would you spend your time if you could practice 1.5 hours or so every day during the week and 3+ hours on the weekend? Also, and probably related, how do you get yourself unstuck...
  4. Leigh

    Coaching VS Lessons

    Something that I see missing from pool is coaching vs lessons. As a very new player, I have taken a few lessons from some great players and instructors, I practice A LOT, and I have a great community at the pool hall that is always willing to help when I am struggling. I also appreciate...
  5. Leigh

    55 inch pool cue & Bob Jewett question

    Hello pool friends, I posted a video a couple of months ago asking for help with my stroke fundamentals (its title was "stroke follow through for smaller players"). I had a lot of great responses - thanks, Pool Community! After incorporating some of the suggestions I received, when my arm is...
  6. Leigh

    Stroke follow through for smaller players

    Need help on my stroke Hi, When I address the ball (cue tip right at the ball) and my right hand is directly below my elbow, when I shoot, I have a very short follow through as I am short. If I move my hand back about four inches, I no longer have the "arm perfectly perpendicular to the table...