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    Old Table identification needed.

    I picked it up as you see it. It is old,,but is missing the rail tag. (pictured) You can see the outline of where the tag was before someone painted it . 3 piece slate,, 1" thick (Maybe 1 1/2"),slate is wood backed. Slate measures 35 5/8" long(each) X 54" wide. Put together it would be 106"X...
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    A oldie.

    It is a oldie but the first I seen this. I found this while surfing. What a way to end this match,,,for it all!! Now to go find the whole match.
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    Interesting snooker battle

    Watch the first 11 minutes. It's amazing how tight they get these reds trying to avoid dropping the pink!! This whole match is long ,,but worth watching. I believe this is the 2nd round. Not RO's best performance but still good snooker. Ronnie O did end up...
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    A pool related invention for someone to provide/build!!

    I have had this in my mind for years! And cannot make this device,,but I think it genius!! It's up for grabs, but if someone gets it done,,, I want one for free!!! LMAO!! Its a projection type device that can be hung on a pool table light. And should be able to be adjusted for any size...
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    Is anything with the word "Snooker" in it,,,

    ,,,that you can put into a you-tube search,without Ronnie Osullivans name coming up??? lol (And it must be on the first page.) I tried "woman snooker" and got side tracked with this. But then cam back and looked. And there his name was in that search...
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    table difficulty and 14-1

    Do you get any credit for playing on a table that is rated as "very hard". LMAO I watch allot of videos of people running a 100 or more. And I see balls going in that wouldn't go on my table. Well at least I don't think they would,,,it is hard to say. Maybe I am getting frustrated because...
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    Wanted: Cheap 5/16 -14 butt.

    Im not too picky about what it looks like. But I am interested in any that are available. If anyone has one ,,show me a picture and a price. (Im not sure if I want something fancy or just a plain jane.) Pictures will help me decide. It's for a OB 2 shaft. 5/16 14 with the raised collar. (not...
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    Pool tournament@Casino= Warning!!

    I can't say if all Casinos are the same,,but here in Michigan. I am convinced!! I'll get right to it. They have HD cameras in the parking lot. I am told ,,can read the serial number off a dollar bill!! Or if you are rolling a joint on a open book,,,they can read the book!!! A few of...
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    Been trying to find a u-tube video

    Of a snooker player,,,that was hooked behind a ball. And tried a 3 railer,where the cue came to the side pocket,,went of both points ,,and came to rest, millimeters from the ball he was trying to hit. He did this 3 times,,,and was shooting it this way. It was not accidental. Playing the points...
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    Ranking a BCA player in Michigan

    NM!!! I changed my mind
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    I cant get through a rack!! lol

    I played this game some about 6 months ago and was running 20's often,,some 30's and in the 40's pretty constant. Then I quit playing it until tonight. Figured ,,,while practicing tonight,,,that I am hitting them well,,so set up the camera for 14-1. And like the title says,,,I can't get...
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    I lost it,,lol

    I started playing 14-1 a few months ago. And I have several videos of 30 -40 ball runs. About 5 total with my highest at 40. The last few times I set up the camera to beat my 40. I could not get off the ground,,lol. Seemed I could hardly get through one rack and into the second!! I tried and...
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    20th Annual VNEA Michigan State Chapionship Results

    For 2013. They changed the way they keep track of the tournament this year. It's all on this site. Then,,,2nd row on left. Might have to download a small program ,to open it, if you don't already have it. Takes less than 30...
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    Spots on table for this??

    I mean the markers where the balls go for 14-1. What are they?? stickers?? Where can I get them?? I thought about using a permanent markers around the rack ,,but I'm a little nervous about doing that on my new table. It seems to me,,if anything is put in the area of the rack,,like...
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    I just run a 37,,but,,,

    ,,,when I went to save it on my camera,,it only had the last part of the last rack recorded!!! Not sure why?? And that don't make me happy. I made some great shots to get there too!!! My best is a 42,,again no video. But I do have several in the 30's on video,,just cant seem to do well on...
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    14-1 is good practice ,,,,

    ,,,,especially if you are alone. I seen a post from Stan S the other day about a good run in 14-1 and it inspired me to try it. I never play this game,but opened up the 9 footer and gave it a whirl. At first I couldn't get through the first rack,,for over a hour I tried. lol Finally,,I...
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    Cats and pool tables?

    Anyone know a way to keep the house cats away from my pool table?? I keep it covered when not in use but even then I don't want them scratching on it. And when I am playing,,I sometimes walk away to take a break without covering it. I tried some red pepper on wet paper towels,,all around...
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    Here's a oldie of Willie M,,14-1

    At the end of the video he says he run 526 balls,,,and he never missed at the end of the run. Just simply quit because he got tired!!! lol
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    Fianally got a 9 ft table. Greenhorn observation!

    I have always had a 7 ft home table. But now have a nice 9 footer and I have noticed a few things. I always wondered why the pro's would leave such a angle when playing. lol Now I know. It is huge,,,huge,,, on a 9 fter. On a 7 ft table it is much easier to get out of a straight in shot...
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    Missing pool balls from set.

    Anyone know where I can buy balls individually?? I have a set of legacy swirl balls that is missing the 3 and 9. And a set of regular balls missing the 8. I'm not sure who makes this set. Legacy billiards web site is a joke!!! I can't even find where they sell a full set of swirl balls...