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  1. De420MadHatter

    3 cushion San Antonio Tx

    Who has the room down there. Before you say there isn't one, yes there is, for a fact. I can't find anything on google though. Anybody?? Let me clarify. I don't know for a fact, it's strictly a 3 cushion room, but they do have 3 tables.
  2. De420MadHatter

    Darren Appleton ok?

    Had a friend tell me, Scott F was asking everyone to pray for him. He said he had no info, other than Scott's FB post. Anyone know anything?
  3. De420MadHatter

    Feijin the Greatest Player Ever

    Just watched the recent worlds event that Neils won. During the match with Orcullo, the commentator was giving a little info about Neil's. He is totally blind in his left eye, and only has 30% of his vision in his right eye. So we have a guy who is legally blind, winning world...
  4. De420MadHatter

    Marco Marquez

    Not sure on the spelling lol. Anyway, is he still around? Where is he from? I've watched him play twice and he beat the breaks off the other guy both times. From what I saw, 1 pocket was his best game, but nobody had to like it in 9 ball either. I was reading the Gabby thread and someone...
  5. De420MadHatter

    West Coast Swing Dennis 4-0 Over Shane

    Dennis is on fire. As per usual I guess you would say. The free stream these guys are doing , is great. Lots of good matches the last week, and you can re watch them, at the end of the night. Maybe this old news, but I'm really liking it. Up next, Alex vs Dennis for the hotseat. Tony Chohan...
  6. De420MadHatter

    Little D catches a gear.

    In the Scotty Townsend memorial, Little D has sent Johann Chua, and Billy Thorpe to losers side. Lots of really good matches going on. JJ shut Mcminn out 7-0. Perez seems to be playing like burning hell (well that went downhill fast). SVB in slump it seems, as he is already out. Both...
  7. De420MadHatter

    Dennis vs Scott for $150k..?

    Heard they were playing even 1 hole for 75k each. Or 75k total...?? Reportedly seen on the book of faces. Not a big fan of Dennis, but here's to him drilling that wiggers nuts off!!! P.S. I have no clue if this is real, but it came from a reputable source.
  8. De420MadHatter

    Scotty Townsend Memorial Tournament

    Sorry if it's been posted, I didn't see it. Jeff Sullivan is hosting it in Monroe, LA in March. $10,500 added I believe. Maybe someone can find and post a link. It was just shown to me a few min ago, it was on FB. I hope it's a great turn out!!
  9. De420MadHatter

    Little Rock weekly tournaments.

    In Little Rock for the Holidays. Evidently Kromes is closed for the weekend, so just looking for somewhere to play. I was hoping there was maybe a place with a weekly tournament, in the area. Thanks for any insight you may have.
  10. De420MadHatter

    Kamui tip???

    How does a kamui clear hard compare to a talisman, moori, etc..., hard??? I have been told they are way harder. I have played with talisman hards for years and really like them. I am having a KCH put on but I have been told they should only be used for breaking etc..I have searched here and...