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  1. Slasher

    C9B it was bound to happen

    Another form of torture coming from China. Potts on C9B
  2. Slasher

    $69.54 per rack

    Here's some useless trivia. Back in 1979 When I first started playing I used to sit and watch Dick McGivern and Ronnie Moen play $20 a rack on a bar table big cueball all night long till the sun came up, in todays money that would be $69.54 :D
  3. Slasher

    SVB's world titles

    Can someone list Shane's world titles please. Thanks
  4. Slasher

    Is it real?
  5. Slasher

    Filler Awesome

    just like a great hockey agitator he easily put the thin skinned on tilt, love it :D
  6. Slasher

    How am I doin (video)

    Okay after 3 years off I picked up a new cue a few weeks back and have had about 8 x 1 hour sessions, still feels a little shaky so have atter with some CC.
  7. Slasher

    Here in lies the future

    World Snooker in China where the top payers are treated like rock stars.
  8. Slasher

    Ronnie on fire!

    If you are not watching this performance at the Champion of Champions you are missing a pure genius at work.
  9. Slasher

    So I went to the hall and this happened

    Well not really but it was funny.
  10. Slasher

    Diamonds trapping balls

    Being playing on newish Diamonds lately and noticed that if you knuckle a ball they trap and stay right over the pocket, is this normal for Diamonds?
  11. Slasher

    The strange things that go through a players mind

    Judd one of the best players in the world scared cause he was right in front of Ronnie and didn't want to twitch on the shot :rotflmao1:
  12. Slasher

    Reference points

    Quit and sold all my cues 3 years ago, never went near a table since. Got bored one evening and decided it would be a good winter sport to take up :) Ordered a cue and went to play, played not to shabby first outing but only had an hour to get back into it, second outing hitting the ball pretty...
  13. Slasher

    Cue repair NW Washington?

    Any suggestions for a cue repair person NW Washington. Thanks
  14. Slasher

    Is it the rules or just me?

    I seem to remember being fascinated by the shot making aspect of 9 ball back when the 2 foul rule was in. The modern game feels slow, methodical and fairly predictable. Way too many safeties and very few risks, pretty boring really. I simply can't watch much 9 ball anymore, anyone else see it...
  15. Slasher

    WTB Sneaky with LD shaft

    WTB Sneaky or simple design cue with LD shaft wrapless or leather no linen, 11.75mm 18-19 oz Thanks
  16. Slasher

    Sport is supposed to be fun

    And sometimes it is
  17. Slasher

    Tommy Lee snooker player

    Tommy Lee a well known amateur snooker player form Vancouver passed away recently, there will be a memorial service at the Terminal City Club Vancouver in the billiard room Sept 7 from 2-4pm Please pass this on to anyone that may have known him.
  18. Slasher

    Some pool room memories

    Link broken
  19. Slasher

    Sub 5 min maxy

    Just an amateur :grin:
  20. Slasher

    Ebony weight

    Does .55 oz per inch of 1" diameter sound about right? Thanks