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  1. pho_choob

    Pioneer of 8 ball for his Country (World Chinese Pool Masters)

    One of my favorite players to ever grace the billiard livestream. Munhuwashe Ndanga played in the 8th Chinese Pool Masters Tournament and is extremely brave to represent his country. He's a pioneer for his country and shouldnt be discouraged to play the game... the history of sports for a nation...
  2. pho_choob

    Dennis Searing PreciSion tip (soft)

    Got an extra searing soft tip will trade for some super soft tips TRADED Any questions about the tip please ask here or in pm.
  3. pho_choob

    Shane VanBoening's "bread" stick

    Just saw an video were Shane left his break stick on the table when racking. It has a molded grip I never seen on a cue before and would like to share with you gentlemen.
  4. pho_choob

    Predator sneaky with z2 shaft

    Predator sneaky with a 30 inch z2 shaft. Tip is tiger everest. Weight I believe is around 19 oz but that's just my guess (weighed with nursery scale and got ~15 oz for cue butt and ~4 oz for shaft). I got this cue from a friend that takes care of the cue ( he and I don't break with it). Butt of...