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    The International Billiards Academy

    Last weekend, Xing Pai held an Opening Ceremony for the International Billiards Academy in Yushan, China. "The academy has theoretical classrooms, student...
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    New story about Loree Jon
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    Judd Trump says he'll give pool another try

    Judd Trump says he'll give pool another try. He said: “I think I will do it again, as a sport it is on the up. I like travelling to America anyway, and it is good to play a sport in another country." “I had a lot...
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    New room, Ox Billiards in Seattle The new all-ages pool hall ... with 5,500 square feet of space housing four full-size snooker tables of mahogany and Chinese Gold, plus eight more nine-foot pool...
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    A proposal to increase participation

    Background: A pool hall opened up near my home, and i started going in to watch the action. The players ranged from semi-pro to banger, with perhaps 30 players who regularly competed in the weekly tournaments. The hall had weekly 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball tournaments, as well as occasional...