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  1. upindaklub

    Earl wins turning stone

    Next stop for the Pearl, Mosconi Cup Team Member?
  2. upindaklub

    England A-Daz & Boyes vs Indonesia World Cup of Pool live now Ready to start now nice feed
  3. upindaklub

    Italy vs Spain Live now World Cup of Pool

    Italy up 5-2
  4. upindaklub

    The lion and J Morra vs Raj and Amar Kang live now

    you should have seen the grace & flowing robes worn by team India on their entrance to the match.
  5. upindaklub

    SVB & Archer live now World Cup of Pool vs Kuwait

    Live now nice feed
  6. upindaklub

    Final 4 at the Ginky from Steinway Billiards in NYC live now!

    Mike Davis & Dennis Hatch live now on TV table. Earl vs Tom DeAlfonso on the losing side. Tom D already beat Earl and Jason Shaw this tourney. Earl beat SVB twice this event
  7. upindaklub

    Earl beats SVB again at Ginky!!

    Earl defeats SVB for the 2nd time at the Ginky. Hatch up next
  8. upindaklub

    Earl advances at the Ginky, sending SVB to losers bracket at the Ginky-Live and Free

    Earl beats SVB, 9-8 at the Ginky live from Steinway Billiards in NYC! Dennis Hatch warming up on the TV Table now! An Inside Pool TV free stream! Live now!
  9. upindaklub

    Free live stream Tonight Earl/Shaw vs Bustamant/Kiamco Scotch Doubles

    Tonight at 8 PM EST Strickland & Shaw vs Bustamante & Kiamco Scotch Doubles Challenge Set for Tuesday, April 16 – NYC Grind & Inside Pool Free Live Stream. 5 X 10 table, 10 ball race to 21. $ 5,000 challenge match
  10. upindaklub

    Replay of SVB vs Earl 10 foot match up from Steinway Billiards

    I just checked out the replay of this 10 foot match up between Earl and SVB from last week. They had some challenges via the stream and many of us missed the ending Its in two parts and Allison, Mika and Hunter do the commentary. Enjoy
  11. upindaklub

    Steinway Billiards to Host All-Star Billiards Fundraiser Tonight!

    This evening a fundraiser event to benefit the Long Island City Bulldogs Gymnastics team, which Tony Robles’ son is a member of. And...
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    SBE live now-Thorsten Hohmann vs SVB

    Thorsten Hohmann vs SVB live stream now from SBE in Edison NJ. Thorsten leads set 1, 1-0
  13. upindaklub

    Warren Kiamco vs Corey Deuel Live 9 PM

    Warren Kiamco vs Corey Deuel Live 9 PM race to 8 best of three sets
  14. upindaklub

    Earl vs Mike D Live now

    Earl vs Mike D Live now
  15. upindaklub

    Live at 3:30 PM EST-Archer vs Daz

    Archer vs Daz-Live at 3:30 PM EST
  16. upindaklub

    Thorsten Hohmann vs Efren live now

    nice match to start the day here, Thorsten Hohmann vs Efren. Efren leads first set 3-2. Thanks InsidePool!
  17. upindaklub

    Free Live Stream 4/9/2013 Big Foot Match Earl vs SVB

    Tonight live from Steinway Billiards a 10 Ft challenge between Earl and SVB. An InsidePool/NYC GRIND production.
  18. upindaklub

    Free Stream live now! Earl/Daz vs Archer/Hatch

    Free Stream live now! Earl/Daz vs Archer/Hatch. Scotch doubles live from Steinway Billiards
  19. upindaklub

    Gulyassy player shafts

    looking for some feedback on Gulyassy player shafts. Anyone who owns or has hit with them I would appreciate you sharing your thoughts and observations.