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    tip technology - hardness at center different from hardness at edges

    I've seen this in some new designed tips for example TOAM fusion and ZAN. Probably some more have designed such tips where the companies states that the tip is engineered to have softer edges and in the middle they are a bit harder. They claim that the design of harder center gives more power...
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    Brand new playing custom Steve Lomax cues “Merry widows” sort of.

    Selling these lovely yet simple playing Steve Lomax cues. If you buy both I’ll give a discount. Both cues are brand new, both are identical somewhat one of them is with linen wrap and the other with ring tail lizard wrap. Another difference is one of the shaft is with black ferrule and the...
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    Navigator tip many choices (black, alpha, automatic)

    I’ve looked online and didn’t find anyone speaking of these many choices. Also each of these got SS then soft then medium then hard. In a sense you have 12 choices. But as a main category how different do they play and is there one catagory better than the other? I’ve tried the alpha soft which...
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    Anyone ordered from drbilliards site

    I’ve found a cue that I like but I don’t know the site at all. Never ordered from it. Looking for a vouche What made me concern that they didn’t have a lot of payment methods. PayPal wasn’t available which is my preferred choice for safety.
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    Arizona open brackets?

    I am wondering where can I find the brackets to that event, alot of pro's in there and I'm feeling Mike Dechaine can get really really deep. this is what I am talking about
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    Rails nuts and torque wrench based on advise from main forums

    Hi; I bought a torque wrench to tightening the rails bolts to make sure it’s within the specification. I’m going to try and tightening it for 19Nm and it’s a torque wrench. this is what I bought. A torque wrench An extension A socket to fit the nuts And an opener to release the nuts...
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    Cloth 860 vs 920?

    I’ve been playing with 920 and today is the time to change the cloth. The guy who installed the cloth told me that 860 is better and more thicker and I don’t doubt that. But he also said that all championships are played on 860 by the pros. Is the true? I tried it and it seems really slow and...
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    dazn, do they show tennis? and snooker?

    I currently subscribe to matchroom who show all the good pool events which is nice, a monthly payment isnt bad. --- other than pool they also show most snooker events which is nice. Other than pool and snooker they also show boxing + darts which are two things I don't care about. I'm wondering...
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    linen wrap - change its feel? can I do it as non-cuemaker.

    I know linen wrap feels different from one cue to another because I got two identical cues with two linen wraps, however one feels really smooth and soft while the other one feels really rough and you kinda feel the threads coming out a bit. I know that cue makers will ask you if you want it to...
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    What's the point in having a wrap, lizard, linen, luxe wrap from predator IF XYZ

    Just entertaining a though here, I've seen many pro's do this and I want to wrap my head around it. Whats the point in having this predator luxe wrap if you hold the cue behind the wrap, I saw it alot during this masters tournament!! if you hold the cue from behind the wrap which means you are...
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    I'm surprised I can't find any Revo 11.8 review on youtube or comparison.

    Prior to the release of Revo 11.8 there was alot of hype and people keep nagging predator for a release date. Now that it's out for sometime, I'd like to watch a review on YouTube in a video rather than text. So I searched and was surprised that there is zero legitimate review from a customer...
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    Konrad Juszczyszyn, An amazing player.

    Yesterday I was watching these ghosts challenges online where pro's play at their home with cameras, and I've watched about 3 matches where this guy plays. I have yet to see him miss a ball! I am really impressed by the way he plays. But how come a guy who plays this good has yet not won the US...
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    Stuart Bingham cue

    I am just curious and interested in what kind of cue does he play with, it looks a bit different from the rest of the players. Listen don't interpret this as I want to buy his cue to play like him, in fact, I don't even play snooker and will never buy his cue as I said I'm only interested to...
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    if my shaft is revo and measures to be 0.840 - then I want to match butt to it

    Should the butt be also 0.840 exactly as the shaft, or should it be a little bigger as 0.842 for a smoother transition? I just want to be sure what to order in the joint size to make the shaft fit neatly. Also sometimes I use mid-section extension between shaft and butt.
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    When is it ok to cancel a custom cue - already paid half price

    So I’ll try to be brief. Back in February I ordered two custom cues not one; from a really good cue maker, he said the wait time is from 3 to 6 months so we are still within the wait time. i.e he’s not late on his delivery. However during that time period I found a cue that I really enjoy and...
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    Cynergy/Revo ferrule white to black procedure?

    Do they paint the ferrule to change it to black or completely replace it? I know the correct answer is taking it to a capable repairman, but here where I am in Asia there arent many around and when I want to take it to somebody I'd like to know for sure that he's using the correct procedure...
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    Justin bergman vs Fedor gorst --- PPV Link?

    I am looking to purchase this as an "Early bird" I really like the discount, I wouldn't miss this match for the life of please if anyone knows the company or the link to purchase this. I just want to buy two emails/accounts for myself and a friend of mine who is a technical illiterate -...
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    uni-loc is very strong!! can't even open the cue, what to do?

    It is a mid-extension that converts big pin 3x8/10 into a uni-loc, I have a revo connected to it, when I screw it open or close it usually the one that comes open or close is the 3x8/10 from the joint of the cue. the Uni-loc doesnt open. I need to hold it from the mid-extension and unscrew the...
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    Matchroom live? snooker finals "Gibraltar Open"

    Another Matchroom thread, this time I cannot even find the finals, I know its already playing according to but in the matchroom live site I cannot find it, I even clicked on current events then live matches and nothing was there? I really want to watch this one and if matchroom...
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    3/8*11 Titanium alloy shaft to a big pin 3/8*10 butt?

    This picture above is a cue that has a nice shaft, here I am showing the butt because if I show the shaft it will not reflect how it looks from the inside, so for better view I provide a picture of the joint pin itself. I got another butt which is the normal 3/8*10 pin.... so my question is, is...