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  1. speedy5963

    Carbon Fiber Shafts

    I have three carbon fiber shafts, looking to sell 2 of them and keep the 3rd. I like all 3 so I'll simply keep the one that doesn't go. I'll post pics and weight up later today but everything is standard, nothing has been changed and all three have minimal use. They are all for a radial pin...
  2. speedy5963

    Cuetec Cynergy

    Have a Breach Break Cue - has been used for a few weeks, like new weight is around 19.3oz Everything original - $Sold Shipped CONUS Cynergy Shaft for 3/8x10 Pin - like new, been used a few weeks as well. Sold shipped CONUS Will post pics after work
  3. speedy5963

    Mike Bender FS

    Here is a nice Bacote into Birdseye Mile Bender cue constructed from a Davis Blank. Cue weighs around 19oz, has Benders standard phenolic 3/8x14 joint. Cue has 2 shafts, 1 original and one Mike made for the cue earlier this year. When he made 2nd shaft he took the original down to about...
  4. speedy5963

    Ebony Coker

    New/Unused Ebony Merry widow. Ebony forearm and buttsleeve, birdseye band in buttsleeve. Maple slotted rings at all positions, black/white spec linen wrap. Phenolic Joint with 3/8x10 stainless steel pin. Butt weight is 15.4oz. Shaft 1 is 12.75mm and 4.1oz and shaft 2 is 12.75mm and 4.0 oz...
  5. speedy5963

    Mezz Ex Pro

    Looking to move a Mezz Ex Pro Shaft - united joint - has been used but is in excellent condition - no damage. $Sold Shipped CONUS
  6. speedy5963

    Becue Prime M Radial 12.5 Carbon Fiber Shaft

    1 BeCue Prime Carbon Fiber shaft for sale - light use, has a Tiger Sniper tip installed. 4.1oz. $Sold Shipped CONUS
  7. speedy5963

    Mike Bender Full Splice (Bear Blank)

    Might be looking to trade this cue - looking at custom's only. Cue is rare, only a few were made. Mark Bear Bacote and Birdseye blank and cue completed by Mike Bender. Cue is in great shape, weight if I recall was a little over 19oz, one shaft around 12.60mm. Let me see what you got! Cue is...
  8. speedy5963

    Chris Nitti F/S

    Very nice Birds Eye player I picked up in a trade, great cue but I'm sticking with my current player and hate to see this one sit in the case. Here is a prior link on the cue with pics and specs, there was a weight bolt in the butt I took out, I'll weigh the weight bolt this evening so you know...
  9. speedy5963

    Predator 314-3

    Lightly Played Predator 314-3 for sale, joint is 3/8x10, plain black collar original victory tip, shaft weighs 3.8oz and has only about 1-2 hours of play. Asking $Sold SHIPPED CONUS Thank you
  10. speedy5963

    Predator 314-3

    Have a Predator 314-3 shaft for sale, joint is a 3/8x10 - has about 2 hours of use on it, original Victory Medium tip, not damage, changes or anything abuse on the shaft. Looking for $250 shipped CONUS.
  11. speedy5963

    Coker and Predator Revo

    A couple of items for sale... Predator Revo Shaft - don't have pics on hand but it has minimal play, about 2 hours. The shaft is the 12.4mm Radial with a Super Soft brown clear Kamui tip, that is how it was ordered from retailer. Asking $SOLD Shipped CONUS Next item is a Plain Jane Coker...
  12. speedy5963

    Predator Set

    Looking to move a set of Predator Cues, both used but in excellent condition. The player is a black P with the leather luxe wrap and Vantage shaft with a Soft black Kamui. Shaft has not been altered in size. Break cue is the BKIII, no wrap, shaft/tip has not been altered, not a lot of use...
  13. speedy5963

    My Coker got a new wrap!

    Not a new cue, I purchased this cue new from Tom and Michi back in 2005, it has been a great cue, solid player and gets tons of compliments. Initially it had black linen wrap, a buddy of mine installed a nice black leather wrap which held up for a number of years. Recently he put this wrap on...
  14. speedy5963

    Predator P3 w/ Leather Wrap

    For your consideration I have a lightly used Predator P3 with Leather Wrap and Vantage Shaft for sale or possible trade. The cue has no visible damage, appears to roll straight and together. This cue was purchased new within the last few months, used for a couple of league nights only. Tip...
  15. speedy5963

    Cue Lathe For Sale

    Please see thread:
  16. speedy5963

    Cue Lathe For Sale

    Purchased this lathe new from Todd in 2012 I believe, it has been used for tipsome, shaft cleaning and ferrules for the most part, color sanded and polished 1 butt after refinishing it. Foot pedal has never been used. No damage to the lathe, some regular use but great condition, has minimal...
  17. speedy5963

    LD Shafts

    I have two LD shafts for sale, both are 30 inches in length and 3/8x10 joint. Not much play on either shaft, great deal here! Tiger Ultra X LD all original, minimal play (tip, ferrule etc.) Tiger X Pro - all original minimal play (tip, Ferrule etc.) Would like to sell together, price for...
  18. speedy5963

    A Few Players

    Here are a few players my buddy and I were hitting the other night, all great players. Ebony and Burl 20 point Coker, all white is Ivory Full Splice Mike Bender - Mark Bear built full splice 4 Point Full splice by Mark Bear 4 Point Snakewood into figured Curly by Paul Dayton
  19. speedy5963

    Two 3/8x10 Shafts for Sale

    I have two Tiger Shafts for sale, both are for 3/8x10 joint, plain black collars and are 30 inches long. One is their Ultra X LD 12.75 mm with original Sniper tip, minimal use and the other is the Pro X 11.75 mm with original Onyx tip minimal play. Either $250.00 shipped CONUS together or...
  20. speedy5963

    Wrapless Birdseye/Cocobolo F/S

    Beautiful Plain Jane Coker For Sale. This cue belonged to a friend here locally and needs a new home. Cue is in great shape and well cared for, I took this cue back and have been using it to play with. Has some a small scratch or scuff on the joint collar. Cue does not have original shafts but...