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  1. Worminator

    Sold Loaded Ebony on Ebony Full Splice Blackcreek

  2. Worminator

    Blackcreek Gun Sight Cue

    Here is a beautiful Blackcreek cue featuring Ebony points with flame veneers, silver rings and gun sights, genuine Gognac lizard wrap, and natural diamond and dot inlays. Shafts show play, but cue is in excellent condition. Butt was recently re-sprayed and buffed out to a like new finish...
  3. Worminator

    Gorgeous Mike Bender 8pt Cue

    Here is a beautiful example of Mike Bender's work! 5 long points of ebony re-cut into Holly with a dark cocobolo nose, and 5 minor points of Holly. Everything is razor sharp in this cue... just awesome precision. Cue looks like it just came out of the shop. Butt Weight - 15.4 Shaft 1 oz - 3.8...
  4. Worminator

    Sold Joss West 8 Point Cue

  5. Worminator

    Sold Brand New Sugartree

  6. Worminator

    Sold Josh Treadway Hoppe

    Here is a Josh Treadway Hoppe just back from the shop. Ebony into stained maple with a genuine EE wrap. All goos stuff. Mint Condition. Butt Weight - 15.1 Shaft 1 oz - 3.8 Shaft 1 MM - 13.0 Shaft 1 Material - Nat Shaft 2 oz - 3.7 Shaft 2 MM - 13.0 Shaft 2 Material - Nat Joint Pin - Radial...
  7. Worminator

    Sold Ernie Martinez Wrapless Cue

  8. Worminator

    Sold John Bender Cue - Great Value!

  9. Worminator

    Sold Original Joss

  10. Worminator

    Sold A Couple Brand New Sugartrees

  11. Worminator

    Sold Ricco Cervantes Blue book Cue - 14Kt Gold

  12. Worminator

    Sold Gorgeous Mike Bender - Mint!

  13. Worminator

    Sold Black Boar AS-10 with Rare Natural Joint

  14. Worminator

    Sold Paul Drexler "pfd" Titlist Hoppe

  15. Worminator

    Sold 16 Point Joss West - Mint

  16. Worminator

    Sold Tad 1 Zebrawood

  17. Worminator

    Richard Harris "Bluegrass" Wrapless

    It is rare to see a fancier Richard Harris cue up for sale, especially a wrapless one. This is a great cue with Tulipwood points recut into Ebony, with an Ebony handle. Needle in a haystack kind of cue. Butt Weight - 16.1 Shaft 1 oz - 3.8 Shaft 1 MM - 13.1 Shaft 1 Material - Micarta Shaft 2...
  18. Worminator

    Sold Gorgeous Paul Dayton - Ebony & Amboyna

  19. Worminator

    Sold Wrapless Barnhart

  20. Worminator

    Sold Pau Ferro on Pau Ferro Southwest