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  1. boogieman

    Zan GripHard, If you like hard tips buy this immediately (even single layer lovers).

    Zan GripHard is amazing. It installed very well, trims up good and super easy to burnish without much pressure/heat. I used a Japanese Kiridashi knife to trim. The linked knife made it way easier than using those brass handled disposable ones. If you plan on installing more than 3 tips in your...
  2. boogieman

    What's the hardest leather tip that holds chalk well?

    What's the hardest leather tip that holds chalk well? I've had enough of this soft tip. Looking for a very hard tip for a playing cue that has a good sound and holds chalk. I love hard milk duds but thought I'd give something else a try if anyone has recommendations.
  3. boogieman

    The ULTIMATE F#¢* You?

    What's the ULTIMATE F#¢* you when you beat an opponent? We're talking salt in the wound... 🤔 The best one you've read/heard/experienced? Even if it's just a though, what is it? :love:
  4. boogieman

    Cue upright while sighting and getting into stance.

    Recently I've really been working hard on foundational stuff, proper stance, foot placement, bridge etc. Maybe I'm just weird but I have almost no spacial awareness of where my shoulder is. This makes it hard to get in good stance consistently. How do you get your shoulder in line if it...
  5. boogieman

    Any Tips on Adjusting to Softer Tips?

    Does anyone have some tips on adjusting to a softer tip? I've been on very hard tips for about 2 years, and I love the way they play. The current tip on my player is a hard ki-tech and I've finally wore it down to the thickness of a dime. It's seen better days and no longer usable. It's to the...
  6. boogieman


    What would you do in this situation? 8 ball open table.
  7. boogieman

    BAS: Boogie's Aiming System, If I can do it, so can any dum dum.

    How simple is aiming really? Why do we overthink it so damn much? This isn't going to address fundamentals because if you don't have them, you need them. Go watch a large tourney, those who finish in the money are consistent and have decent fundamentals. They don't rush and every shot is about...
  8. boogieman

    Back problems and CB Last.

    I've been having upper back problems, which are affecting my stance and fundamentals. Tonight I lined up in my normal way and just had one heck of a time making anything. I normally find the line from the ball to the pocket, then line up while standing, coming down onto the shot line. I make...
  9. boogieman

    Well, I've tried some CTE at the table.

    I've been reading the CTE book a bit. I actually was in about a 2 week slump. I had some spare time and decided to try CTE, because why not? I'm only on page 47 but have referenced the chapter on pivoting. I've not read in depth yet and barely practiced CTE. I practiced the first 3 example shots...
  10. boogieman

    cookieman, an observation on science.

    I posted this in JV's thread, but I saw it was getting off track with bickering and I didn't want to derail the thread any more. I just wanted to post this, it's not meant to be augmentative, but it's more about the science of our eyes. Science knows how eyes work. If you've ever been to an...
  11. boogieman


    The world is full of naysayers, bigots, heathens, and down right lowlifes who doubt CTE. These piss heads are just too ignorant and bigoted to know the TRUE OBJECTIVE aiming system when it's presented to them. I don't have proof, but I would be willing to bet they have even slapped their own...
  12. boogieman

    What?! Starting in dead stroke and then everything goes to poo.

    My latest dilemma is that I can come to the table completely cold, even if I haven't shot for several days and just shoot the lights out. I play great, in dead stroke for 4-5 racks, then once I miss one or two, I'm toast. At first everything feels 100% natural, just a good beautiful feel where...
  13. boogieman

    Olhausen rattle, is this a good fix?

    I've been doing research on the forum and online and would like to hear if I'm on the right track. I have an Olhausen and I'm sick of cleanly hit balls over a medium pace rattling out of the pocket. It makes the game less fun as properly hit object balls in which your CB ends up with perfect...
  14. boogieman

    Boogie's RDS Journey/Blog Post

    Boogie's RDS Journey I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions, but this is my attempt at one. I want to improve my game and see Exam IV - Runout Drill System (RDS) found at as a good vehicle to do so. In this post I plan to document my progress through the RDS system. I...
  15. boogieman

    Looking for a Cyclop Hyperion replacement 10 ball.

    Never mind, I found it under a salon chair near my table. No idea how it got there.
  16. boogieman

    Monopoly money in the pot.

    We had an idea last night, why not get a set or two of monopoly money and use it to bet among friends? We don't really want to gamble real money, but this could be a fun way to earn bragging rights and get some extra ribbing in. Maybe start out with a bankroll of $500. Once someone wins a...
  17. boogieman

    Starball, a game you should be playing!

    Has anyone here heard of Starball, or still play it? There used to be a guy that sold the sets on ebay who I believe is the creator. Around a decade or more ago, he sold his remaining stock as 8 ball sets, and plain cue ball/red ball sets. There is basically no info on the web about this game...
  18. boogieman

    Oh man, this is funny.

    Was watching a game of rotation (61) and saw this, watch for about 15 seconds!