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  1. mikeyfrost

    Bar Table Dennis Vs SVB Updates

    I think the score is 25-7. SVB is breaking and running at a tremendous clip. His cue ball is wild on the break but he's coming up gin. He's using a power break so Donny Mills is somewhere having a flashback, someone make sure he's okay. Dennis is playing below his speed....for an extended...
  2. mikeyfrost

    Mezz Cue Philippines is showing Efren vs a 14 year old

    Check out Mezz Cue Phillipines on facebook...they are live right now with a pretty darn good match. This 14 year old kid literally plays Efrens talking kicking, shape, pocketing etc. Wasnt sure how to link it here but use the search on Facebook. Its a good match, eace to 18 ten ball
  3. mikeyfrost

    Sky Woodward vs Billy Thorpe 1 hole Rematch

    They're playing over on Ustream again. Last night they had Billy Thorpe getting the 8 from Kiamco playing 10 ball for a race to 25 $10k set. This is also a set for $10k I believe. Not weird in the middle numbers either...$10k a man
  4. mikeyfrost

    DCC BigFoot Match Updates

    Alright I know someone out there isn't stuck at work. Someone please jump in and give some updates...much appreciated from us common folks
  5. mikeyfrost

    What real good player/pro has bet the most on themselves?

    All these threads about backers money has me thinking of one thing. What is the most money a really good player has put in action on themselves that you know of? I'm not talking about some poker players throwing money around. I'm talking about top pros that get down and bet their own. I think...
  6. mikeyfrost

    Who are The Hustlers?

    I've been reading some of the posts and I thought it would be good to keep you guys posted on official cast bios when possible. If you get a few minutes go visit and check out some of the info about the cast beforehand. Rest of the site has...
  7. mikeyfrost

    Ball Spot/Games on the Wire/Odds on the Money

    I generally like to talk about pool interactions and gambling so this is nothing new just a question of preference and examining the thought process of you guys. When you match up, do you prefer to get a ball spot, games on the wire, or odds on the money? What is the reasoning for it? Me...
  8. mikeyfrost

    Making a Fair Game

    A lot of time in the pool hall people have money in their pocket and want to put it in play. Now you are looking for action. Tailor your responses relative to your speed all the way from fish to champion to the simple question below. How do you go about making a fair game? What are the main...
  9. mikeyfrost

    Best 9-ball or 10-Ball Gambling Conditions

    I'll keep it real simple. If you have to play for the money and there are 4 tables to play on which one of these are you playing on? For qualification Tight is 4" or under. Fair is 4.25"-4.75" let's not complicate this. Slow and Fast is the speed of the table. 1) Tight and Slow 2) Tight and...