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  1. Frankenstroke

    Shootout at Bank Shots...Illinois last night

    I heard there was a shootout at Bank Shots, and I'm talking guns and stuff. A bullet went through Ike Runnels case and shaft.. What have you heard?
  2. Frankenstroke

    diamond table drawing

    Isn't there a drawing for a Diamond table today? Here it is...
  3. Frankenstroke

    Joe Rogan gives pool lessons

    on 4 inch pockets.
  4. Frankenstroke

    Al "Michigan City Al" Jones R.I.P.

    Allan Jones of Chesterton, IN died July 31, 2019, at age 74. He was the 1992 BCA North American 8-ball champion (open division). Referred to as Michigan City Al in the Buddy Hall book, Rags To Rifleman (page 68). Al was considered the best player who held a full-time job (Bethlehem Steel)...
  5. Frankenstroke

    Mariposa cue point protectors

    Who has joint protector for 15/32 X 10 Mariposa wood-screw joint. Also, anyone have Mariposa cues for sale?
  6. Frankenstroke

    Mariposa cue joint protector

  7. Frankenstroke

    tip install question

    I have a Wizard medium tip. I messed up the bottom side. If I glue it on upside down, will that work?
  8. Frankenstroke

    Is this guy for real, or hustling? And he is color blind.
  9. Frankenstroke

    Were Lepro tips ever black?

    There's a discussion in the "WANTED" forum on whether Lepro tips were ever black. Anyone else have photographic proof?
  10. Frankenstroke

    1984 pictures Dayton, Ohio

    November, 1984 Ring game on 10' snooker table. Danny Diliberto, Grady Mathews, Wade Crane, Miz, Cornbread Red.
  11. Frankenstroke

    Autographed break/jump cue

    ***PRICE DROP*** ...again... $80.00 SHIPPED Autographed by Johnny Archer and Earl Strickland J & J break/jump with phenolic tip/ferrule. Quick-release joints. Jump mode 41.75" and 9.1 oz. Break mode 58.25" and 17.2 oz. Excellent condition lightly...
  12. Frankenstroke

    3 from Pat Diveney

    Acquired last year. Sneaky, waterfall bubinga, 6 Snakewood pts. in ebony.
  13. Frankenstroke

    Brunswick tube case

    How old? ...............
  14. Frankenstroke

    Soft leather case

    Custom made for me by a local leather craftsman. Simple, lightweight, sturdy. Holds up to 2X2. Full length divider and plush interior. Buffalo head snap. Love it. About 25 years old.
  15. Frankenstroke

    1979 us open 9-ball

    Just sharing.
  16. Frankenstroke

    BREAKRAK Deluxe pro model =======SOLD================= Fits 7' 8' 9' Includes hard case. used. $200 + $20 shipping U.S. only Cashier's check. No paypal or trades. contact
  17. Frankenstroke

    19 top women signed a sneaky pete includes 3 unknown asian pros.
  18. Frankenstroke

    ID these autographs

    Can you ID these autographs of pro women?
  19. Frankenstroke

    Improved Cue Cube

    I like my tips as high as they come in the box. As designed the Cue Cube shapes the tip but takes material off the top. I drilled a hole 5/16 through the center of the cube so only the sides would be worked. Notice in the pictures the top is still blue after shaping.
  20. Frankenstroke

    Antique 6-shelf ball cabinet.

    Picture added. Look at pictures of old poolrooms. Sometimes every table had 1 of these ball racks on the wall. Perfect accent for your home billiard room. This one is in rough condition, but most of the numerals are still visible. Measures 19.5" high and 24" wide. Not sold at the Expo so...