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  1. sonny_burnett

    SS joint vs ?

    I have played both. Adams 90s Bushka remake. Meuchi David Howard from early 80's and late 80s Joss. Loved them all. Bushka was more solid and the others had more feel, with the Joss being the clear winner. I was just curious as to the technical purposes of each joint?
  2. sonny_burnett

    Search trouble on Android

    Using Galaxy S7 edge. When I pull up the search box, it vanishes when I try to type?
  3. sonny_burnett

    chandleys chalk and cue, NC

    Closed already? Sorry, but I can't search the forum on my phone. What happened? They spent 3 boat loads of cash to do it right.
  4. sonny_burnett


    It's been a while, and search shows nothing. I've been trying to log in on Tapatalk for 2 weeks and get a server error. AZB not with Tapatalk now? I'm using my S7 edge. Thanks
  5. sonny_burnett

    Texas auto restore

    There was a thread about a product made in Texas that restores auto and boat trim and paint. I want to try it but can't find the thread. Any help? Thanks Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  6. sonny_burnett

    Falcon production

    I know this video is 8 years old. It really changed my opinion on production cues. I played with an Adam GB3 Buska for years and loved it. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  7. sonny_burnett

    WTB Meucci Original Shaft

    Must be straight. I can replace ferrule if needed. Here's the ring on the original. I would take any entire beat up cue if the shaft is good. Can always use the butt for a break cue. Thanks Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  8. sonny_burnett

    Lense implant

    I finally got up the nerve to hit balls after surgery. I had cataracts removed and lense implants in January. I waited so long because the adjustment to no glasses is mind boggling, after wearing bifocals for decades. Here's how it went. The biggest change after the surgery is how bright...
  9. sonny_burnett

    City still harassing Randolph's Randy has spent thousands of dollars on surveillance cameras to catch drug dealers and toss their ass after the city of Hickory refused to hire out off duty officers or even plant undercover agents in...
  10. sonny_burnett

    TV a go?

    Earl is posting the logo for the reality show on his Twitter account.
  11. sonny_burnett

    Air Barrel Barry

    We all know the score on this POS. I'm looking for ways we can ban together to rid the pool scene of him. (Don't even start with the violence suggestions) Suggestions needed. Such as contacting any future sponsors, patrons etc. Ringing the phone off the hook. Posting a detailed list of the...
  12. sonny_burnett

    Replacement shaft

    Guys a I have an old David Howard original. Ferrul is split and I would like a small diameter replacement. 12.5 mm is my preferred for my tiny hands. Should I go to OB or similar to resist warpage? Cue has tons of sentimental value and I love to use it on occasion. Not sure of the threads...
  13. sonny_burnett

    WTB Adams Bushka Japanese

    Prefer the GB3. Original shaft is no big deal. I prefer smaller diameter. PM what you have please with delivered price to 28602.
  14. sonny_burnett

    Tapatalk down?

    Can't access via Tapatalk this morning. Server error. Any ideas?
  15. sonny_burnett


    Search yielded nothing so I'll ask. Why are snooker cues ash? Having a furniture background tells me that ash is much more difficult to polish than hard maple. I'm sure there is a good reason.[emoji57]
  16. sonny_burnett

    Tapatalk log in issues.

    I have not been able to access the forum from my phone using the Tapatalk app. I get an error saying Will not access forum contact administration. All other Tapatalk forums work fine. I can access the forum through my phone browser.
  17. sonny_burnett

    12 year layoff ended today

    12 years and 8 surgeries later I got to bang balls today. Boy did it feel great. I really had to take it easy for an hour or so. I have a rebuilt neck complete with metal and screws. I had a hard time staying down on the ball but it got better. I hit a couple of soft breaks and then said what...
  18. sonny_burnett

    Sky Sports

    I really want to watch the documentary on Earl. Can i watch Sky Sports for free in the United States or do I need to have a subscription I'm not really sure how this works Thanks Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  19. sonny_burnett

    Weekly tournaments in the Charlotte North Carolina area?

    Back around 2000 before I was forced to quit playing do to help there was either a league or weekly tournament most every night of the week around Charlotte. I'm getting ready to start playing a bit and I am nowhere near action . With anyone know if there are any events within an hour of...
  20. sonny_burnett

    George Lane,Charlotte NC?

    Does anyone else remember Mr Lane? I was lucky enough to meet him when he was still making cues part time in 1990. He was the only one in the Charlotte area that stock quality pool cues and would sell you one damn near cost after he got to know you if he liked you. After a couple of years...