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  1. SwissChris

    cue shop for sale

    Pictures might help
  2. SwissChris

    Black ebony out there

    Looking for black ebony Let me know Cell 732-887-7557
  3. SwissChris

    New York case 2x4

    Hello all Looking for a New York case if you have one hit me up Thank you Chris
  4. SwissChris

    Spray booth

    Can anyone build me one Willing to pay I just can't do it lol Pm me Im in NJ
  5. SwissChris

    Looking for some quick joint radial pins

    Any help would be appreciated Thank you Just pm me Chris
  6. SwissChris

    Looking for some quick joint radial pins

    Anyone know where I can get the ? Chris
  7. SwissChris

    Gramps Mule #3 under 800

    Looking for 799 or best offer Will be able to spec it out for you Specs as followed Shaft 13.33mm at the tip 5.3oz and 29 1/2" long But 12.2 oz 28 1/2" long Balance point is at 22 3/4" No weight bolt...
  8. SwissChris

    Black Boar under 1500

    Here it is But 15 oz Shafts are 3.7oz and at 12.5 and 13 mm All straight together or apart Cash or PayPal only Please include the fee 1300 cash or best offer
  9. SwissChris

    Black Boar with 2 shafts under 2k

    Black Boar $1995 No trades 15oz but Shaft one 12.65mm 3.7oz Shaft two 13mm 3.7oz PayPal ad 4% please I can email or text pictures Maybe some one can post them for me No Ivory in the cue...
  10. SwissChris

    Grampas Mule for sale or trade

    It is #3 that he made Having problems with pictures but I can email them Looking for $1500 trade value and best offer on cash in that area Best regards Chris You can also text me 732-887-7557
  11. SwissChris

    Black Boar cue

    Looking to move this Here is a eBay listing Make me a offer Thanks Chris
  12. SwissChris

    Grampas Muele for sale

    Here is one rare chance to get a break jump cue by Randy Mobley Grampas mule #3 $1500
  13. SwissChris

    LTB 6" boring bar

    Looking to pick one up Please pm me here or a link where to find them would be great to Thanks guy Chris
  14. SwissChris

    Looking for Eric Crisp

    Any one know how to get in touch with him ? My cell 732-887-7557 Call or text or pm me here Chris
  15. SwissChris

    Looking to buy 32" shaft wood

    Please post here with pictures or pm me Looking to buy now
  16. SwissChris

    $700 Artur cue cheap guys

    Sold..........thank you .......
  17. SwissChris

    Gold membership

    How can I get my gold membership back Thanks Chris
  18. SwissChris

    Black boar $2400

    Here is is won't find a rare piece like this so fast .....and I was told the price is right on the money with the inlays Mint condition Trades for lower end cues plus chash only Thanks Chris
  19. SwissChris

    Black Boar $2400

    Lowered price for the boar and all others as well Boar is also on eBay for $2600 so save $200 and buy it here now
  20. SwissChris

    $2400 Black Boar

    Only looking for cash at this time guys Please send offers 732-887-7557 Send pm is best Chris