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    I picked up the Runde 99 a few months ago. It just felt like I had it forever, such great balance and feel. It led me on a search to add one or two more. Received the wrapless, Runde 14 and the Runde 17, R12 rendition yesterday. I appreciate the work Bob does and glad he's still at it. I...
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    Yellow Tint on Cue

    I purchased a cue recently, which arrived in barely used condition as described. However, there are places on the forearm and around the collar on the shafts where there's a yellow/green tint, or stain. I'm not sure if it's just on the finish or on the wood. It's like a chemical possibly spilled...
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    Cue Maker Positive Stories

    Since getting back into the game recently and searching this site, I've found a lot of horror stories regarding some cue builders. I know they exist, but I'd like this to be a thread where customers share positive stories about their interactions with cue builders. There are a lot of great and...
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    WTB Runde Customs

    Well, I've gone and done it and I'm not sure there's a way back. I recently purchased my first Bob Runde cue and I can't get enough of it. I snail mailed him pictures, hoping to get more details on it. I probably like it too much because here I am already, possibly looking into purchasing more...