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    Pool repair in Maryland

    I am new to Maryland (Columbia area) and need to get my pool table fixed (not assembled) .. there is a structural damage. Who would be the best person to go to? I was assigned Artisan restoration by the insurance company / moving company who seem to specialize in Antiques. Thanks in advance.
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    Play Shafts as Break Shafts

    I have a few extra shafts that are lying around. These came with some cheaper cues that I had bought when I was a newbie to the game (still learning and will continue to). I was thinking of making use of these shafts as a break shaft for trying out different break tips. If I change (done by...
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    360 Pure Stroke Trainer - Joint Pin Question

    I tried searching but couldn't find which pin it uses! I have the cue but the shaft that it comes with is 13mm+ and I intend to replace it with a thinner shaft, hence the question. It certainly is not 5/16 x 14 and neither is it 3/8 x 10 ... those shafts I have didn't fit. My guess is that it...
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    Where to buy billiards (Japanese products) goods in Tokyo?

    There is a chance that I may go to Tokyo on a business trip. If not myself, my colleague at work is certainly going. I hope someone from this forum can tell me where to buy billiards goods in Tokyo?
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    Turn down OB-2 shaft?

    I bought a slightly used OB-2 shaft. I have gotten used to the slimmer Mezz and OB+. This one I believe is 12.75 or 13mm. Knowing that the ferrule is the wood / linen material, is it possible and would it be ok to have it turned down? This will be done by an experienced cue maker. Want to make...
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    Vendor Booths at APA Nationals - Riviera?

    Going to APA nationals first time ever and was wondering if there are billiard booths of Vendors - retailers or Manufacturers / OEMs? If yes then are these typically where the APA national events (in this case Riviera) are held or are they all over the strip Hotel Casinos? Whereas I searched...