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    Should your break cue weigh less than your playing cue?

    If so why? And what is the common oz of break cues that pro players have?
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    New and better way for Mosconi points rankings proposal

    Hello fellow AZ'ers I like many of you look forward to the Mosconi Cup each year, for me the premier event on the pool calendar. European team primarily has its own ranking system that is fair being the Euro tour. Of course for players living in the US like Shaw Appleton Hohmann not totally...
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    Highest Fargo rating out there I found was 940

    Has anyone seen a higher fargo than this Chang, Fu (948849) 940 he only has 2 games counted but he must have payed pretty flawless. got me thinking what is the highest fargo out there and who has it?
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    How the Mosconi Cup attitude parallels modern American liberalism.

    American pool has been on the decline. America has been on the decline. Causes for both : Radical egalitarianism and radical individualism. Pool: previously the best player wins. These handicapped tournaments, leagues, equipment adjustments that keep trying to "level" the playing field are...
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    A Netflix for pool

    Folks There has been a lot of discussion about streaming and what's the best avenue. I like to watch the streams but because if cost no player list prior weekend conflicts and tournaments im playing in dont get to see all the matche's is like How great would it would be if there was a...
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    What are the reasons you like to play someone ?

    I love playing this one dude as he is an A player who thinks he's a pro. Uses a new aiming system every week Tries to three foul you at every opportunity And makes the weird wheezing sound when you miss Love beating this guy makes me try my best each time
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    BCA October Grand Master and Master Divisions Combined

    What you all think of this? If not familiar with BCA basically there is 4 divisions: Grand Master Master A B Players play in each of their respective divisions. Obviously with onoly 4 divisions and thousands of players the top A player could compete in the Masters and the bottom A could play...
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    Commentators bias at US bar table

    I saw this on Justin Bergman Facebook that has prompted a lot of comments albeit mostly in Justins favor. I was wanting to ask if others have felt the same. I have not bought the stream because with work I could not get my bank for my buck but from last years the sounds of Ken Shuman eating...
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    What is currently is the best city/area to live in for pool?

    What do yall think is the best pace to be currently for the pool scene. Either watching or playing? Taking everything into consideration: - geographically (is it close to major touraments, is a shit hole) - is there a good tour there i.e. joss or mezz? - is it good but of ronly a certain type...
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    Are there any more smokin aces 2g entry tournaments ?

    I really enjoyed these tournaments Especially the eight ball on the valley it's great to see those top guys play on bar box Some upsets but typically the best player wins again therefore debunking that anyone can win on the bar box bullshit Think they were races to 15 ir 21
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    SBE updates

    Please share updates on matches, scores, and other information from the SBE.
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    billy thorpe v john schmidtt one pocket

    These two play a rematch after billy beat john last week in Washington Playing again on Wednesday in Ohio There playing two sets each for 10k First 9-8 second set 10-8 9-8 Both 5 ahead I'll take john bet both sets
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    What happened to Robb Saez?

    Robb was playing in the big tyme Classic and had to withdraw to get surgery in his eye Anyone hear the details or updates ? Hope he's fine
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    What happened to Jesse Engel and Jeremy Sossei?

    Does anyone have info on this eguys? I know Jeremey had a good year last year and was close to Mosconi team at several points Jesse was doing well also 2014 or so and not heard anything of him I remember the gains dechaine bergman woodward have made over last few years and i think those two...
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    Now 10 Ball has went to the soft break

    Are we seeing the soft break in 10 ball implemented as the future
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    Biggest Match on Earth or Biggest scam on Earth?

    I know there has been grumblings on other threads but here it is flat out. Is the shane v dennis match a scam or not? I have bought the stream and was less than 30 bucks so dont feel bad and will still watch some great pool but i am gutted if this is a glorified exhibition where players are...
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    Why is streamed pool commentary so poor?

    Watching ko v orcullo and again the commentating is absolutely horrendous. It's not an attack on the people I think it's Robles a lady an another gentleman. Nout against them their nice people but their not used to commentating Take Mosconi for example or masters any match room event That's...
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    Mosconi day 1 lineups announced - thoughts

    TEAM USA V TEAM EUROPE DEUEL /DECHAINE v BOYES / VAN DEN BERG BERGMAN V FEIJEN SVB/SKY V OUSHAN/APPLETON SVB V APPLETON looks to me both captains played similar styles first up 2 solid tried and tested players that they had available gave their 2 best players singles matches and paired up their...
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    Dennis calls Shane out for 20k

    Taken from facebook this is dennis post to his backer john French "I want to play shane vanboeing on 9 footer anytime 20k lets play shane you cant win you better just play tournaments because i will bust you for the cash john thanks for your partnership my friend we will always be on the top...
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    SVB vs. Chinakov updates

    sickening the excuses absolute embarrassing