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    Ball polishers

    I ordered it in early March of this year and got early in early May.
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    Ball polishers

    I paid $500.00 + $75.00 shipping for my 8 ball Diamond polisher from Manning Cues. Took abut 2 months from order to doorstep.
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    Ball polishers

    Really, I think only you can answer that question. Are you happy with the results you get now? How much time and effort do you put in to get the results you're satisfied with? Personally, I would rather spend the time playing than putting in the time to get the results my polisher achieves in...
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    Diamond Professional 9 foot + accessories -- Chicago area

    It says Chicago area right in the title.
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    Rail staples/stapler

    Milwaukee Electric Tool makes a battery operated staple gun that shoots T50 staples. It shares batteries with a number of their other tools, so if you have one of those, you can buy the bare tool for around $100.00 It might be an acceptable option.
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    Gold crown cushions

    Just for comparison....
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    Was my GC3 installed correctly?

    The skirt assembly on my GC3 is off the table presently. I measured from the top of the skirt to the top of the mounting blocks on the skirt and that distance is 15mm. My table has no gap. If that distance is less on yours, like only 10mm, that might explain the gap.
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    Reputable, experienced GC mechanic in SE WI?

    As the header states, I'm looking for recommendations on a reputable, experienced GC mechanic in south eastern Wisconsin. Preefer local, but traveler considered as well.... thanks
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    Was my GC3 installed correctly?

    I wonder if he's friends with or is the guy that did my GCIII? Seriously though, after that, would you even want him back to work on it? Guaranteed he won't be thrilled about a redo. Sadly after seeing that, I'd be concerned about what you can't see. Did he do rubber and facings to?
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    New here from SE Wisconsin. Started playing pool in the late 60's when I was in high school. There was a plethora of pool halls in the Milwaukee area. Worked at one of them for awhile as well. Had a number of tables throughout the years when space permitted and recently acquired a 9ft GCIII...