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    When Are New Products Released?

    Is there a show or event where most companies release their new stuff for the year?
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    Would This Cue Flaw Bother You?

    I received this cue last week. It came like this. To me it looks like the wood was dented before the butt was stained. It's a Schmelke and wasn't that expensive. It's only a small spot. I'm not sure if I should expect more, less, or exactly this really. I waited slightly longer than expected...
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    Break Cue Recs?

    Hello, this is my first thread after a few posts. I'm a newer player with a rather horrible break and looking to improve. Currently I'm breaking with a Dufferin cue made for playing. I'd like a break stick. I've used a couple here and there but I'm not really sure what's best for me yet. I'd...