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    Help identify lucasi cue

    I have this lucasi cue, i think it's lucasi lzer. Old lucasi LZER / LER have the older lucasi logo without "custom" and use radial uniloc pin. But my cue it doesnt have lucasi logo on it and the pin is 3/8x11 brass joint. I've seen older lucasi that doesnt have lucasi logo and use the 3/8x11...
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    Help Schon Ltd Identification

    Do you guys know what type of this Schon Ltd is? Thanks
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    What type this ob shaft?

    What type this ob shaft?
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    Carom butt with pool shaft

    Can i use carom butt with pool shaft? For the specific type is i want to use mezz cr133 butt with expro shaft. Is the joint collar have the same diameter and will the shaft sit flush on it? Sorry for the dumb question
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    Jacoby Black vs Mezz Ignite vs Cuetec Cynergy

    Hey guys! I have jacoby black shaft but i wonder has anybody compared the Jacoby Black, Mezz Ignite and aslo Cuetec Cynergy Carbon shafts. Since their diameter between jacoby and ignite around the same size is it play the same? There's some good offer with ignite shaft, is it worth to...
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    what your recommendation for jump cue?

    I'm looking for a jump cue that has a short butt while has an extension if I'm going to shoot a long jump and allow me to get more height with less effort. And I am thinking of getting the Players HXT-P jump/break cue, but another opinion would be welcome, thanks!
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    Mezz WX700 12mm

    Hi guys, I want to upgrade my shaft to mezz shaft and i recently see someone that sell his WX700 in very cheap price, but he customized it to 12mm and it seemed shape to a conical taper. My question is, will it be the same feel and deflect as WX900 or still like WX700 just smaller. Thankyou
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    Adam Max Break/Jump Cue

    What do you think about this Adam Max Cue, is it original from Adam Japan or just a knockoff? I already ask the seller and he said this is an original Adam. Please give your opinion