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    Which is best, forward balance or butt heavy cues??

    Great thread. Glad it is revived. I like a neutral to front balance, 18 to 19 ounce cue. I fine anything heavier feels more like bat and anything lighter feels like a straw. I tend to notice others and how they play. I also listen alot. Things that seem very common around here are .. 1...
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    Developing Expertise In Pool

    Non jokingly i can speak to this a bit. It is very common in children to focus so much on something that they relax their muscles to the point of sticking out their tongue. Focusing on an important and difficult task can make you "forget" something like you just stuck your tongue out. At...
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    Developing Expertise In Pool

    I use the same technique as Tony. I throw the cue ball against a wall, dive and shoot it at an object ball. Just be aware this really pisses off the other players and pool hall owners. Also dont try this if you have a bad back.
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    Anyone ever hit themselves with a cue stick?

    I have a bad habit of following through too far when stroking close to the rail and cracking my hand on the table. Caused a number of skinned knuckles and bruised fingers. The occasional foul due to moving the cue sideways when my hand hits the table. A couple times a year at least.
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    Is this predator cue worth refinishing

    If you change the pin are you planning on changing the shaft ? Asking be Use i am wondering if you want to keep the same playability/hit.
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    Why buy a custom cue over a national brand?

    I prefer a natural weight and full splice cue with a forward balance. I not a huge fan of bling. I have a few customs made from blanks. My sugartree was cheaper than any predator available. I was lucky to get Eric's time. Probably the best hitting cue i own. My tasc is more than 4x the...
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    Carbon Fiber Shaft Poll

    I find the butt changes the feel of my stroke. Balance and weight is important to me. Some people can adjust quickly. But i am slow to learn a new cue. Keeping the same weight and balance point is key for me to remain consistent.
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    Carbon Fiber Shaft Poll

    Like nathan said, if they are serious about improving they will with whatever they play with. If they are serious about the game and plan to stick with it, having a good cue to start that they like is better than hopping around brands. A low level player that doesnt understand deflection...
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    RIP Scott Lee

    I only had a few PMs with him, but he was polite and professional. I have enjoyed reading his posts as well. Sorry to hear this. I wish his family well.
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    Canadian custom cue maker/ cue smith list and province location

    Roy is a good fellow. Only had one dealing with him, since it is a bit of a hike. I got an old ebony maple blank off him a few years back. Had it turned into a cue for my wife. He showed some of the partials he was working on at the time. Glad to hear he is still making cues. While it is...
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    Corey getting roasted on Facebook

    If you are going to seed , I guess my question is why is it split usa vs world ? Why not just seed anyone over a certain fargo or seed the top 10 fargo players registered for the tournament. Then you should be great pool no matter what. This makes it unbiased, and doesn't front load one...
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    Changes in Your Pool Game that Can Help the Most

    First thing i noticed. Along with the mouth breather face ;)
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    Owning your own table.

    You mean you actually wear pants at your hall ?
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    Tipping on table time?

    Similar to Hu's trick of tipping early, any open bar event i tip big on my first drink and make sure the bartender sees it. The bartender always remembers me and no matter the line, my drink is poured and handed to me when i walk by. By far one of the best tricks i was taught in my...
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    Bat Man

    Your butler was english. Shouldnt you play snooker ?
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    Abandoned house and billiards table

    Interesting. We have had to tell hunters/poachers to leave when trespassing on the farm but never had any trouble than a raised voice. Our north can be rougher, but rare chance of a shooting in my experience. It shouldn't surprise me anymore how different the concerns are between us and...
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    Abandoned house and billiards table

    So do those guys trespass to film these ? I am not sure what the context is or if they are trying to promote the locations.
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    Tipping on table time?

    Cash is better for sure. As to bad service, i was saying i still tip until it happens multiple times. Anyone can have a bad day. I have had bad days and i wouldn't want people to judge my 25 year career based on one of them, so i try not to judge theirs either.
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    Tipping on table time?

    The service staff make less because it takes tips into account. So i always tip. Even bad service i give them the benefit of the doubt. Everyone has a bad day. Now if it is the same issue every time i go in, i stop giving them business. At my regular hall i always tip, but because i am...
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    Are jump break cues not as good as break cues for breaking?

    I think the advantage is that a separate jump cue will usually preform better and be easier to use than a jump/break cue jumper. As a breaker i have not seen a difference between dedicated break cue vs break/jump. I am in the "buckshotshoey" category of not good enough to tell the...