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  1. Mr. Bond

    Opinions on "forced win" rule.

    Player vs player in a match..and their score is tied, hill hill. Player A breaks a rule that, by the book, automatically gives him a loss. Player B, by the book, gets the win and the match BUT player B doesnt want to win by a technicality and insists on playing the final game anyway...
  2. Mr. Bond

    Burton Spain Speaks....

    From Billiard News March 1982
  3. Mr. Bond

    Table Design and Function - 2 Questions

    1. Can/have you designed a table that you feel is "better" in quality and/or function than any table available to the average consumer? If so, please show us. 2. If you are inclined to ponder such things, is there anything missing from the "best" tables out there. If so, please describe it...
  4. Mr. Bond

    Death of a Table Mechanic

    You can read all kinds of stories about the lives of pool and billiard players. You can even read stories about companies and producers of billiard related items like tables and cues. But what you never see (until now) is a story about the man behind the scenes, who physically installed and...
  5. Mr. Bond

    New Brunswick GC6 - Any Questions?

    I have an interview scheduled with Brunswick representatives to discuss the details of the new Gold Crown 6 table, which is based on a design created by Colin Tury, winner of the re-design contest. Submit any questions you might have about the new table and we'll include some of them in the...
  6. Mr. Bond

    Trump Reverses Obamas Elephant Trophy Ban
  7. Mr. Bond

    Rambow 360

    I received this email yesterday and I'm wondering if you feel the same way about it that I do: " I have in my possession a second owner original H. J. Rambow Cue.* This particular cue was shown in an article from a June 1989 Pool and Billiard magazine (of which I have a copy).* It is ivory...
  8. Mr. Bond

    Palmer Collector(s)

    These are for Chris but I figured some of the other collectors might enjoy them as well. Circa 1965. Sorry they are large but I posted them that way for those who might want to keep a copy.
  9. Mr. Bond

    Mosconi in the Army

    Interesting that he picked "actor" as his profession.
  10. Mr. Bond

    Raw History- The U.S. Open 1966-1975

    An enlightening look at the modus operandi of the BCA and their first U.S. Open. This article was originally published in 1975 Take a good look, much can be learned from the past. A Thriving 10 Year Old by Matt Racki III But there were some anxious moments before the U.S. Open's 1966...
  11. Mr. Bond

    Rambow Memorial Package

    ~Calling All Rambow Fans, Cue Collectors and History Buffs ~ Never-before-seen photos of Herman Rambow are now available for a limited time. Get yourself all four of these 8x10" images for only $40 with FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. The set includes: - Herman's portrait from the Chicago Tribune...
  12. Mr. Bond

    Pool on TV: Travel Channel: Mysteries at the Museum

    In case you missed it: Season 16, Episode 2 Transatlantic Zeppelin, Potato Pool and the Lost Inca City. Don Wildman examines an engineer's daring mission to save a high-flying zeppelin, a pint-sized prodigy's plan to play pool and an explorers life-long quest to uncover an ancient lost Inca...
  13. Mr. Bond

    Pool Ball Terminal Velocity

    Can anyone tell me the terminal velocity of an average pool ball? (earth gravity, with no air resistance) And how many feet would it take to reach it? And, is that velocity faster or slower than the average break speed of an 8 ball player? ( or 9ball)
  14. Mr. Bond

    ABR 2Nite: The Most Successful Pool Player Ever?

    Join us this week for a chat with the legendary 11 time World Champion Jim "King James" Rempe, a master of all games. Melinda Bailey also joins us for a discussion on good sportsmanship. Listen Now:
  15. Mr. Bond

    Grand Jury selects Herman Rambow

    November 1936 Chicago, IL Under a shroud of protective secrecy, Herman diligently served on the jury during their November 1936 session. He can be seen up in the right hand corner of this group photo from the occasion. Research has now revealed that during his stint on the jury, a "True Bill"...
  16. Mr. Bond

    Klingon 3-Cushion

    Or, Kling on 3Cushion :smile:
  17. Mr. Bond

    Laminated / Hollow Cues

    Interesting to know that the concept involved, as it applies to cues, goes back to at least 1872, if not further. An 1872 patent: A 1900 patent:
  18. Mr. Bond

    Mosconi's High School?

    Before I start canvasing every dang school in the Philly metroplex - does anyone happen to know offhand what high school or private school Mosconi attended?
  19. Mr. Bond

    World Pool Series 8ball

    Now with an official bookmaker too :wink: Who do you think will hit the ground running the fastest? Can Steinway host a world event? Can Manny deal with it? Will the staff Darren has chosen do a superb job?
  20. Mr. Bond

    American Cue Makers Prior To 1920 (in progress)

    Briggs, Oliver & Son - Boston Address: 970 Washington St. Known production era: 1897-1910+/- Hampel, Fritz/Frank - Chicago Address: 264 Larabee Known production era: 1886-1930+/- Axel F. Hjort - Chicago Address: Brunswick factory Known production era: 1880-1925 +/- Jost family (Harry...