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  1. Bishop

    Affordable Custom Cue. Great Player.

    Finished this up earlier this month. Walnut handle with Birdseye. Black phenolic joint and butt. Ivory ring. Very pleased with how this turned out. Cue is actually much darker in person. I'm not great at picture taking. The felt on my table is actually green but looks blu-ish in the pics... Not...
  2. Bishop

    Brunswick Conversion

    Got a real nice conversion I finished recently. Older Purpleheart had a Balke-Collender sticker on it before I converted it. New Price: shipped 19.2 oz on my scale 12.70 mm on my calipers 3/8-10 Full disclosure. I'm an amateur cue maker/hobbyist. Although I think you'll find this cue to be...
  3. Bishop

    3 Very Affordable Custom Cues

    I've got 3 cues for sale here. Full disclosure. I'm an amateur cue maker/hobbyist. Although I think you'll find these to be nice players I'm far from a seasoned cue maker. These cues are not in anyway comparable to high end cues or reputable cue makers so lets set a reasonable expectation up...
  4. Bishop

    WTB Linen Press

    Edit... Got one coming. Thanks.
  5. Bishop

    1880's Brunswick Billiard table - Brilliant Novelty - Salvage or sell?

    So I picked up this billiards table (oversize 8) last weekend. Its rough. As you can see some areas look good while others suffer from heavy exposure. A few small pieces of trim are missing and the 4th piece of slate is in 3 pieces. Rubber is junk of course. There is no hardware. However its...
  6. Bishop

    Any ideas of what I got here?

    My initial thoughts looking at the joint and fat black rings were overseas junk but I'm just not sure. It does give off the vibe of a simple conversion. Any opinions? I didn't want to sell it without having at least a few better ideas of what it is.
  7. Bishop

    Jim Pierce Cocobolo Plain Jane

    Very nice Pierce cue. Just over 19oz and just over 13mm shaft. This is a dark Cocobolo with brown phenolic and a solid white phenolic joint. White with brown spec wrap. Cue is in good shape and only played with inside my own home. Cue rolls straight by my eye. Also a little red hue on the...
  8. Bishop

    Fixing the For Sale forum. Actual solutions with links to mods and plugins.

    Yes, its been beaten to death but one of the main issues is that very few have offered actual applicable solutions to fixing the issue. No shortage of complaints and suggestions, some good some bad. Here are some actual plugins and mods that I think will restore the For Sale forum close enough...
  9. Bishop

    Can anyone identify this?

    Not sure where to post this and I know it isn't exactly cue machinery or supplies but I couldn't think of a more knowledgeable group. I picked it up this morning for a couple of dollars and I hate to cut it up without knowing if its worth something whole. I believe its teak? Looks like some...
  10. Bishop

    WilleeCue Twist Ballpoint Pens W/ Gorgeous Cue Inlays

    WilleeCue Twist Ballpoint Pens. Only thing missing is a matching pool cue. All pens are done with a hand rubbed finish for a more natural feel. Standard refills. Discount on a multiple purchase. 55.00 Shipped per pen (Ebony, Center Pen Sold, Cocobolo on Gunmetal/Gold)
  11. Bishop

    House Cues to Rollerball Pens (4 for sale)

    All 4 pens came from two older house cues. Bocote was from cue stock. These are all done with a hand rubbed finish and lightly polished. This will have a nice natural open grain feel rather than a plastic-like one. Standard refills. Discounts if you want more than one. Chrome - 50.00 Shipped...
  12. Bishop

    Salvaged Veneer Cue into Rollerball Pen

    I have no idea what kind of cue this came from since I just bought it as basically salvage but the bottom of the veneers turned down nicely. Body of pen is a nice piece of Birdseye Maple. Pen is on Chrome. I prefer PayPal. I'll cover fees. 65.00 Shipped
  13. Bishop

    Old Butterfly House Cue to Rollerball Pen (2 Pens)

    Here are Pens 4 and 5. I couldn't fit them on the last thread. Thanks. Both Pens come from these two Butterfly cues. Its a shame there wasn't enough to make a shaft, you can see how dense it is. PayPal preferred and I'll cover the fees. 4. Shaft wood body with a Buckeye Burl cap on Chrome...
  14. Bishop

    Old Butterfly House Cue to Rollerball Pen (3 Pens)

    Two great older Butterfly cues. I'm not well versed in dating but I'm pretty sure these are pre-1950. All 5 pens came from both these cues (3 pens here and 2 on another thread). The Shaft wood pens can be found on the other thread. PayPal preferred and I'll cover the fees. All prices are...
  15. Bishop

    Unknown cue at Goodwill online, bidding up to 77.00 bucks. I was going to take a chance on it at 20 bucks but logged on and saw that it was at 77 with 9 bids. Hate to ruin a deal for someone but anyone know what this is? Are these bidders just taking random shots in...
  16. Bishop

    Two Garage Sale Cues. Another "what is it" thread.

    So any help would be great. I prefer to at least know what they are before selling them. First cue is a nice plain jane. No markings. Brass pin. Probably a rosewood or cocobolo. Second Cue Looks like some kind of production cue. No markings, SS joint.
  17. Bishop

    No good deed goes unpunished...and I feel a little stupid.

    So before I get started, I realize this is predominately my fault. Sticking your neck out for a total stranger is bound to lead to having it cut off. Couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a newly registered user who saw that 6 months ago I had a Ricco Cervantes cue listed for sale here in the...
  18. Bishop

    Adam Cue? Imported Junk? Other?

    Can anyone tell from these two pictures if this is anything other than import junk. I can get the guy to send additional pictures if needed. Claims it to be an Adam cue. Honestly I'm not sure (no logo or sticker). Looked to be a step up from the normal import junk I come across. Thanks.
  19. Bishop

    Rollerball Pen from Titlist Shaft and Red Malle Burl

    In the spirit of nothing going to waste and keeping it billiard related I've had a few pieces of Titlist shaft wood waiting to find a home. I thought it would go real nice with the Red Malle Burl. Gone Last two pics show the original cue and sticker so you can see what era. No worries the rest...
  20. Bishop

    5 Authentic NFL Jerseys for trade + Clemens Texas Jersey

    I figured I'd offer these for trade before ebaying them. All jerseys are authentic and have sewn names, numbers and logos. Each jersey would present nicely if framed and are in nice enough condition to wear out. These aren't the cheap iron on jerseys these are the authentic ones that retail...