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  1. Lou Bones

    Help Understanding What The Different Types of Stacked Leather Wraps Are

    Could someone explain what the different types/styles of stacked leather wraps are? Specifically, what are Impression stacked leather wraps? Mixed stacked leather wraps? Penetration stacked leather wraps? and Striped stacked leather wraps? Thank you.
  2. Lou Bones

    How is making a shaft for a break cue different than making a shaft for a playing cue

    I wanted to pose a question to the people here who make cues. I'm wondering what you do differently when making a shaft for a playing cue than for a break cue. What differentiates the two? Of course the tip will be different, but that's not the shaft, nor is it specific to making a shaft. I'm...
  3. Lou Bones

    Which will make the cue ball travel farther...?

    Here are two (not three, four, or forty) options: (Note: both cues are stroked exactly the same speed and the cue is hit dead center; note also, same table, same felt, day, same humidity, same everything. The only things differentiating how far the cue ball travels are the following two...
  4. Lou Bones

    Question about OB Classic+ and OB-1+

    I've found (and read) quite a bit about OB shafts here on AZBilliards, but I'm confused about a few things and am really hoping that people will post comments here that will resolve that confusion. First: I'm planning to buy one of the following three shafts this week: either an OB-1+, an OB...
  5. Lou Bones

    What's a good Break Shaft (to fit 3/8x10)?

    I had a break cue custom made a couple of years ago, but want to purchase a different shaft for it. It has to fit a 3/8 x 10. If need be, I'll go back to the same cue maker and have him make me a new one that will play more to what I'd prefer now, but I was hoping to find a good production...
  6. Lou Bones

    Who makes the best custom break cue under $250?

    I'm interested in buying a break cue. One friend recommended either an inexpensive J&J or a Pechauer (top of my budget.) Another suggested that I could have a good one custom made for less than $250. Most people on AZB know a lot more than I do, and have A LOT more experience than I do. So...
  7. Lou Bones

    What is the difference between phenolic and leather break tips?

    It seems like a lot of production cues put phenolic tips on break cues. I use my old playing cue as my break cue and, though I have used several friends' break cues on occassion, I don't have a clue if I've ever tried a phenolic tip before. Now, as I am beginning to consider buying a dedicated...
  8. Lou Bones

    What is a good 52" adult playing cue?

    How do I find a decent cue that is shorter than the standard 58"? Ideally, I need one (or more than one) around 52". I have two women in my family who need cues. They are both 5 feet tall, with small hands, and when they play with 58" cues, the length is too long for them. They grip the cue...
  9. Lou Bones

    Shaft wood: maple or purpleheart?

    The overwhelming majority of shafts are maple, but some cue makers make purpleheart shafts too. I'm wondering (a) does the fact that nearly all shafts are made of maple mean that maple is the best wood for shafts? And (b) in comparison, how good is purpleheart for cue shafts?
  10. Lou Bones

    What to do about a cracked shaft on a new cue?

    I just got a new McDermott G208 cue with a G-core shaft two weeks ago. Tonight, I noticed a crack running vertically in the shaft from about 3 inches above the joint to about nine inches up the shaft. I have no clue in the universe how it cracked. I just got the cue and have never had a shaft...
  11. Lou Bones

    Converting a playing cue to a break cue

    If you take an old playing cue and put a good break tip (like a Samsara) on it, will that work as good (as a break cue) as a cue that is manufactured and marketted as a break cue?
  12. Lou Bones

    How good are McDermott cue cases?

    Anybody ever own, or have any experience with, a McDermott cue case? McDermott makes a 2X4 case which sells for around $90 that "looks" sturdy, but there really isn't any useful info on anywebsite about the inside of the case. Anybody here ever own, or even see one of these in person, and know...
  13. Lou Bones

    What is the best cue case under $150?

    Any thoughts on the best cue case in the $100 to $150 price range? I just upgraded my cue, after getting some truly helpful feedback from people on this site. Next upgrade is my case.
  14. Lou Bones

    Who makes the best cue in the $175 to $250 price range?

    Which of the following makes the best cues in the $175 to $250 price range? McDermott, Lucasi, Viking or someone else?:confused: