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  1. JCIN

    Sherm Adamson, Master Cuesmith and Beloved Friend has passed away

    Damn. I knew Sherm when I lived in Cincinnati in the 90's. Bought a cue from him and visited his shop once. Always a very nice guy and absolutely loved the game.
  2. JCIN

    Open Offer to Danny Harriman and John Schmidt from TAR

    I am doing well. Thanks for the kind words. I did get to do a lot of cool stuff and meet a lot of interesting people. Most of it because of this forum one way or another. Someone told me on Facebook that this thread popped back up. Wild to go back and read some of the old stuff. Flying chalk...
  3. JCIN


    IMO the Executive West years are exactly what Johnston City was. That was Greg's vision for it and he made it happen. I feel lucky to have seen something that will never happen again. The world is different now. Those early years were one of those perfect intersections of time, place and...
  4. JCIN

    TAR Prints, Bet Something and Rogan TShirts Now Available

    I have put together a Teechip store to sell some of the classic T-Shirts and some prints that people ask about from time to time. The way it works is orders are taken for a week then whatever sold is printed and shipped. Shipping is quoted by teechip at 7-10 days after the sale ends. I have...
  5. JCIN

    Should there be full disclosure in PPV matches?

    I didnt watch the Ko/Dennis match but I paid attention to social media and the forums and I saw something that made me just shake my head. John French is backing Dennis and right after the match is over announces he will be staking the Ko brothers. I have read that he talked about it during the...
  6. JCIN

    Franklin Era SouthWest Shaft with NOS Micarta

    I have had this for about seven years. I owned the cue it was made for less than that. Its a long story how I ended up with one SW shaft but I did. About six years ago I took it to the SouthWest shop and was able to get the ferrule replaced with some of the very little micarta they had left...
  7. JCIN

    New TAR Prints Available Now

    Two new TAR Prints are now available. This is a shot I took of Shane in December 2007 in the basement of Lucky's. This was taken in 2011 at the TAR Studio. Lot going on in this photo. These prints are 20"x30" in size and come shipped in a cardboard tube. Price is $40 each shipped...
  8. JCIN

    A Huge Thank You from CueSports International (CSI)!

    So I took a look at our new friends post history: 2012 he posts a Lambros for sale. First appearance on AZ. Only other post that year is to bump a thread about the action pool tour (Started by username manfromoz. Thats Ozzy before CSI-Ozzy was around): "Bump for a fantastic tour!" Whats...
  9. JCIN

    Why don't cuemakers do this? More to the point why don't we let them?

    Its going to take me a minute to get to the point but stick with me here.... Over the past few years I have gotten into custom knives. The parallels between the custom knife market and the custom cue market are many: -They both are made up of mostly one man shops and a few larger ones...
  10. JCIN

    TAR: The Darren Appleton Story Presented by Predator Cues

    The Darren Appleton Story Presented by Predator Cues is now available for free on the TAR YouTube channel. Enjoy a forty six minute interview with one of the most dominate players of his generation telling his story from the beginning. Andrew Cleary and I wanted to put this out for free so the...
  11. JCIN

    TAR: Darren Appleton Perfect Practice 2 Presented by Predator Cues

    NOW AVAILABLE!! The newest release in the TAR Instructional Series: Darren Appleton Perfect Practice 2 presented by Predator Cues. In this follow up to the very well received Perfect Practice you will see World Champion Darren Appleton take you deeper...
  12. JCIN

    TAR is not dead.

    There seems to be some confusion or miscommunication or just normal internet noise about the status of The Action Report. Some of that is probably my fault so I want to clear things up. This gonna be long so for the TL;DR crowd: TAR is still around just doing things differently. For the readers...
  13. JCIN

    TAR: Darren Appleton Perfect Practice 2 Trailer

    Coming soon is the newest release in the TAR Instructional Series: Darren Appleton Perfect Practice 2 presented by Predator Cues. In this follow up to the very well received Perfect Practice you will see World Champion Darren Appleton take you deeper into the mindset and skills required to take...
  14. JCIN

    TAR 31: SVB vs Dechaine Now Available Online

    I just released TAR 31 on the TAR On Demand channel on Vimeo. This one was a lot of fun to do as both guys were talking a lot before it kicked off. This match is where the infamous equine intercourse quote came from. Format was 10 ball race to 27, best two out of three sets. You can check out...
  15. JCIN

    TAR Instructional DVD Sale

    For the first time ever TAR is running a sale on our two instructional DVD's. Get both The Shane Van Boening Instructional Series and Darren Appleton's Perfect Practice for $35 shipped. This is a $30 savings over regular pricing. Limited time offer. Shipping only in the United States. SVB...
  16. JCIN

    TAR: New on demand release - TAR 28 Deuel vs Schmidt

    NEW RELEASE: TAR 28: John Schmidt vs Corey Deuel. This was filmed at the TAR Studio July 13-15, 2012. It was an All Around match: Day 1: 8 Ball Race to 15 Day 2: One Pocket Race to 8 Day 3: 10 Ball Race to 21 Over seventeen hours of action. The one pocket set went hill hill and may have been...
  17. JCIN

    >>>US Bar Table Championships, Feb 16-22, CSI PPV

    In my defense the package does say Feb. 19-20 but I still donked that one off. Should of had them overlap.
  18. JCIN

    TAR 20: Earl vs SVB Now Available On Demand

    TAR 20: Earl Strickland vs Shane VanBoening is now available on demand on the TAR Video On Demand channel on Vimeo. This match was $10,000 a man winner take all, 10 ball race to 100 on an evil 5x10 table. It had it all from ear muffs to magnifying glasses. John Schmidt sat in for some...
  19. JCIN

    Does Everyone Get a Trophy at the Cup This Year?

    I wrote this on my Facebook page and wanted to see what everyone here had to say: So by my count the US Mosconi Cup team has three non playing "Captain's" of one flavor or another, two of which their largest qualification seem to be the fact they are buddies with Mark Wilson, an offensive...
  20. JCIN

    Exclusive Sneak Peek at 2015 Open Poster

    One of my sources sent me a pre-release copy of the 2015 poster. I think its a winner.