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    Satin SW Story

    This is a repost of a good post I made in the for sale forum: I was at SW when Jerry was just wrapping up the first batch of satins, it was just a idea he had to make use of some maple he didn’t want to cut points into and some shaft wood that was good but not up to spec for his regular cues...
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    Let’s Just Take A Moment & Be Thankful

    Let’s just take a moment, stop the arguing and bickering and be thankful that we are here and watching live pool in a massive US Open. Not being tied up with the world shut down. we are lucky to have this time. Some were not so lucky. this isn’t about choices, politics, beliefs or any of that...
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    $2077.14 Balls
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    Rip Ted Ito

    I heard Ted Ito passed. Sacramento legend. 🙏🏼🥲
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    How Do I Post a Question?

    Hi Everyone, Some of you mite know me, maybe not. How do I post a question here on AZB Thanks in advance, Fatboy
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    It’s going to be a great summer

    “It’s going to be a great summer” Fatboy is back on AZB officially!!! what’s your plans this summer? I’m going to be sweating pool, going to travel a bit. And make up for lost time. This message is “Fatboy Approved”* Best Fatboy *Officially Fatboy Certified
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    It’s been a few minutes...

    Hope everyone is doing good. Did I miss anything? Best, Fatboy :-)
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    Welcome, Fatboy. You last visited: 01-04-2014 at 08:08 PM

    LOL been a great 5 months. Word in the street is i'm broke, So just to piss of you haters i just wanted to chime in and remind you i'm sitting fat, any one want to bet on that? So keep hating, say what you like as i will not read this thread. i'm happier now that ever. To all my other...
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    something to ponder, CJ give this a good read :)

    I didnt write this, I copied and pasted it from another site(not pool related) it applies to pool tho(the first paragraph is a bit dated, this was written in 87): The newest direction towards bigger and better tournaments has been the introduction of the large money events. In order to attract...
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    What MD really did....In London after MCup

    After he dogged it in almost every match in the end when it was over after the closing ceremony, me, shane and mike walked back to the hotel. the 3 of us were talking about the Mcup, shots, matchs etc. I asked MD if I could crash in his room(he was rooming with Shane) I didnt have a room key for...
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    ? for Bartrum and other pool/poker players

    Do you enjoy winning at pool more than poker or poker more than pool? Or, It dont matter ship it!!!!!!!! The reason for asking is I just wondered because you might have put more effort into one of the 2 games thus the payoff is sweeter in one than the other. Speaking for myself, I never...
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    interesting source for marblite looking material

    its well documented i am not a cue maker, i cant change a tip, but i know a good bit about cues and their construction. So being the good Samaritan i am:rolleyes: LOL I was thinking of you guys who do make sawdust when I came across this idea...
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    Perfect pool cloths for me anyways

    I like to play in PJ's I wear Ed Hardy PJ's to the pool room all the time, i have 4 pairs. They are getting a bit old and wore out, I saw this article today, no way in hell am I going to blow $400 on whats in the link, but the idea is cool. Since i'm not a pro, I dont dress good when I go to...
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    Happy B-Day to Mary Kenningston aka Nightmare

    Happy b-day Mary, sorry if I misspelled your name:o, Spelling was never my strong suit. I met Mary in a car, 4 of us packed into a car to ride from the Sands over to KeyStone Cue & Cushion in 86 maybe 87-it was frozen outside. Moving forwards a few years She opened Cuetopia in Vegas(one of the...
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    America will win the Mosconi Cup this year

    thats my prediction, if you feel otherwise please look in the Action forum, window is still open. Matchroom sure does great events and Barry Hearn is amazing, i sure do respect him and his business acumen. Best regards eric :)
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    Playing Pool vs Time Spent Online

    I have said for years the worst thing(on the long list of things) to happen to pool was NOT poker, its the internet. Its a cheaper date than playing pool, and that with the property value boom, pool costs too much $$ to play now compared to 25 years ago. Makes it difficult for kids on short $ to...
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    Question for Legit Streamers

    You know who you are, the few of you who do PPV streamed events. I know there are great free streams to, so perhaps the title of this thread is misleading(sorry) Please bear or bare with me for a second, I'd rather bear than bare with you guys ;) First off, let me say I appreciate your work...
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    351,000 views on youtube and a friend of mine(well known here) has the top comment

    this is too funny, i'm grinding out being sick, i rarely watch pool on youtube, so i watch a match, a few others pop up on the side, i click one with lots of views thinking "Ok might be cool" I usually look at the comments and see if they are positive or negative I NEVER look at who makes them...
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    Denis Searing makes the BEST Coffee of all Cue Makers

    I know there has been lots of coffee talk, and this is a pool forum, So In keeping with the rules, I wanted to talk about pool and stay with the current trend of coffee. So I was thinking about it, and last summer I was at Denis's shop lots of times and this guy, forget his cues, makes AMAZING...
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    Why do so many people here feel ENTITLED to know everything about Bonus Ball?

    I been reading these threads, the knocks, digs, complaints, the off the cuff snide remarks are really getting on my nerves. Really are. IT AINT ANYONES BUSINESS PERIOD WHAT BONUS BALL IS DOING, HOW MUCH $$$ THEY HAVE OR DONT HAVE. IT AINT ANYONES BUSINESS IF THEIR MARKETING IS GOOD OR BAD OR...