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    how do you tell if someone is using 2 accounts?

    I was wondering how you tell if someone is posting under 2 different accounts. I remember a year or 2 ago someone on here caught Charlie Williams posting under 2 accounts because of the I.P. addresses or something. I thought it was Cleary or Ktown that caught him and I was wondering how they did...
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    question for CJ Wiley

    CJ, I was wondering how you think you would have done against Shane with you in your prime and Shanes game now? 9 ball and 10 ball. This is a tough one to answer but give me who wins and why Thanks in avance
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    Efren vs Shane 15 ball all around for BIG MONEY!!!

    I wanted to see how much interest we could generate for this matchup. Efren vs. Shane in a 15 ball all around in the following disciplines.. 15 ball rotation, one pocket, 8 ball, full rack banks, straight pool. I think these games would show who plays the table the best. Because of his age and...
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    Has anyone posted any details of any action matches at Tunica?

    Just wondering if there have been any action reports from Tunica
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    I think Johnny will want to win the Busty match more

    I think Johnny Archer wants to win this match up with Busty even more than the one with Shane. The match with Shane was more of a match to prove to everyone that Johnny is still here. 15 or so years ago Johnny put a 15 pack on Busty(between 2 sets) and came out on the losing end of the session...
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    Congratulations Johnny Archer

    Congratulations Johnny. You guys both played great. Johnny got the best of it this time, next time could be different. Great 3 day match It will be tough for Johnny/Busty to be better than this.
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    People wonder why there is no money in pool

    Well with the allegations going on of cheating at the UPL tournament once again pool players have shown why there in no money in the sport. Between this, Earl Strickland on T.V. saying if the ref don't see it is not a foul, the IPT bank the 8 ball and get a $ 500 bonus and guys setting each...
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    Action updtes/

    Are all the players sitting around scratching there asses or is anyone matching up?
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    action updates from the U.S. Open?

    Does anybody have any action reports from the Open for the last couple of days? Any info would be appreciated
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    5 Valley 8 foot coin ops for sale

    I am posting this on behalf of Steve Rubin the owner of Airport Billiards in West Palm Beach, FL. He is selling 5 Valley 8 foot coin op tables. They are used but in good condition. The cloth on them is in decent condition. The coin ops work good. He is asking $800 each for them. He is a good...
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    Seminole Tour Updates?

    Does anyone have any updates and any action reports?
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    Valley Forge Action updates

    Can somebody give us some action updates please?
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    ghost action

    anybody have any places where people like to bet on the ghost or any sweet action places. P.M. me and you have 10% of what we win
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    Florida Tour Finale

    Any list of entries or brackets posted?
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    Golden Business Oppurtunity

    Anyone interested in getting in on the absolute ground floor of a Multi Level Marketing Product that is world patented give me a p.m. I realize I am dealing with poolplayers but have an open mind and listen to this and it will change your life. I got my investment back in 6 days and I am...
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    need some help guys

    What is the name of the beautiful poolplayer from Guam that we were all talking about a month or so ago. Anybody please please answer
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    anymore Florida tour Updates?

    Anymore updates
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    Florida Tour updates?

    Anyone have any updates as to the 16 that made the money?
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    Pool playing in America is a waste

    America has some great players but pool itself in America absolutely sucks. It had a chance with the IPT but so much for that. The main problem in America is that you have Baseball, Football, Basketball, Nascar, Golf, Hockey,. in this country there is no room for pool to be big as a spectator...
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    Lil John

    Hey Lil John, This is Rob from Hollywood Billiards in South Florida. You came here a few years ago and I was out of town but we talked on the phone. I quit pool for 2+ years (you can check it out) the action down here is horrible. I am trying to get into playing again but as I said the action...