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  1. DawgAndy

    1 of 1 Barenbrugge for sale

    price drop down to 1500 PP FF or add 4%.
  2. DawgAndy

    1 of 1 Barenbrugge for sale

    Dave made this cue for me in way back in 2007. It's from a Schmelke blank. Barbells are ebony, natural material on the joint protector and on the 3/8x11 pin tip. Ferrules are not, I don't remember what Dave was using then for ferrules. Tiger shaft included as well. Shafts are 12.75 and 13 not...
  3. DawgAndy

    ~>~>~> Cues wanted <~<~<~

    Mine either, i'll try again after the holidays
  4. DawgAndy

    cork wrap from RAT

    just got this back from Ryan, love me a D series with a cork wrap.
  5. DawgAndy

    Jacoby Black & Schmelke
  6. DawgAndy

    Schmelke and Jacoby black

    moved to ebay,,,,,,
  7. DawgAndy

    Carbon fiber adapter

    i have a CF adapter that goes from 3/8x10 male to 3/8x11 female. A little over 2 inches long, .840 at both ends. made by Newsherrifintown here on AZ. i paid 100 selling it for paypal friends and family 75 shipped. Going back to maple Andy
  8. DawgAndy

    wanted McDermott D1-D5

    I'm looking for any of the D1 through D5 cues, decent shape. Nothing stained please. Preferably not a d4 but i will consider it just depending. Thanks Andy
  9. DawgAndy

    extension question

    I just picked up a Carbon fiber shaft that is 3/8x10. Has anyone made or seen an extension that has 3/8x10 male pin and tapped for 3/8x11 female? Like 3 inches or so? I'd sure like to try the shaft on a few other cues i have. Andy
  10. DawgAndy

    extension question

    moved thread sorry
  11. DawgAndy

    shaft for McDermott

    found one. Thanks guys Andy
  12. DawgAndy

    new player

    Just got this one in today . The handle is Bolivian Rosewood but he's not sure of the forearm, thought it was bubinga but not sure now, anyway, looks great and is just what I was after
  13. DawgAndy

    ferrule-less 3/8x11

    sold, thanks for looking
  14. DawgAndy

    Morris Plain Jane

    sold, nice cue for the money
  15. DawgAndy

    tiger x pro 3/8x11

    picked up this shaft from a member earlier this summer and have decided not to use it on the project. Factory tapped for standard 3/8x11 black collar. Chalked for a test hit, like new. 180.00 paypal shipped in the US. Andy
  16. DawgAndy

    Ned morris done..didn't sell
  17. DawgAndy

    no interior gtf

    sold for the BINP. Thanks
  18. DawgAndy

    Predator question

    Would it be safe to assume (I know , I know) that an original Predator from the mid 90s contains no ivory? I know Falcon at the time was using a lot of bone. Andy
  19. DawgAndy

    heads up stay away, in case anyone has forgotten
  20. DawgAndy

    broken gtf case

    no longer for sale....