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  1. BeiberLvr

    Any Corey Justin updates

    Big difference between them from what I saw in that highlight video. Almost every offensive low percentage shot that Corey took would have left Justin with a shot to his hole if he missed. If Corey is going to win, he'll need a bit of luck to keep making those fliers or tighten up a bit.
  2. BeiberLvr

    Fedor Gorst vs Jeff de Luna 10-ball, race to 100 is coming soon...

    I don't see either of them playing enough mistake free pool over a long race to gain a huge edge. Should be close. Winner by 5 at the most.
  3. BeiberLvr


    definitely more than 70. that much i know for sure.
  4. BeiberLvr

    2021 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    With most companies moving towards remote work due to COVID, I figured why not do the same with this thread. Especially since I haven't been to an actual pool room in months. This is the only way to keep my pool mind fresh. So here are a few attempts at the virtual ghost :) 6-7 (no sound...
  5. BeiberLvr

    Draw Challenge to Test VP4's Realism

    I would like to see someone shoot this shot.
  6. BeiberLvr

    Ronnie O'Sullivan up next live

    Trump misses the last red and goes back to his seat up 101-0 in the frame. Ronnie steps up to the table, and the commentator says, "If he makes this red, the black and the remaining colors that's 35 points. So he would just need 17 snookers." I lol'd
  7. BeiberLvr

    Ronnie O'Sullivan up next live

    Now that's just dirty. Hopefully you bought him a beer afterwards :)
  8. BeiberLvr

    Ronnie O'Sullivan up next live

    Vafaei misses the pink leaving himself 19 ahead and with 13 remaining. And Selby decided to play on despite the fact he needed a snooker, which is probably really hard to do with only 2 balls on the table. Came really close a few times.
  9. BeiberLvr

    Ronnie O'Sullivan up next live

    Ding loses 4-1 to a guy I've never heard of.
  10. BeiberLvr

    Ronnie O'Sullivan up next live

    Bingham is so boring to me. More so than Selby who I've actually grown to like watching.
  11. BeiberLvr

    Ronnie O'Sullivan up next live

    Like I said, Selby is in Ronnie's head.
  12. BeiberLvr

    Earl and Ronnie - 96 Mosconi Cup

    Looks like Matchroom Pool has uploaded more matches from that year's MC. Ronnie v Massey - Ronnie v Hopkins - Ortmann v Daulton and Ronnie/Steve Davis v Earl and CJ
  13. BeiberLvr

    Earl and Ronnie - 96 Mosconi Cup

    Never saw this one before. Fun match.
  14. BeiberLvr

    Ronnie O'Sullivan up next live

    Assuming it comes down to Ronnie and Selby. Selby might want "revenge" after losing to Ronnie in the World Championship
  15. BeiberLvr

    Ronnie O'Sullivan up next live

    I think Ding has only beat Ronnie like 4 or 5 times in 20 matchups. Ronnie is in Ding's head a little in the same way Selby is in Ronnie's.
  16. BeiberLvr

    Rasson vs Diamond Tables

    Sorry. I didn't mean to come across as saying I think they're better, but if people think Rasson is better, then that's a good reason to buy it over a Diamond.
  17. BeiberLvr

    Rasson vs Diamond Tables

    Because it's better?
  18. BeiberLvr

    Something is wrong with Team USA

    As long as Filler stays on his game, then the chances of Billy or Sky ever catching up is slim to none.
  19. BeiberLvr

    What does Team USA’s Mosconi Cup future look like?

    This isn't the 90s anymore. Plenty of Euros gamble and big. And none of the players that get selected for the US team have to worry about hiding their game, because anyone who follows pool knows who they are.