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  1. macguy

    sheldon lathe question.

    I have a 13 inch Sheldon lathe. I have had it for about 35 years. For the last year or so the cross feed nut has been going and it finally has stripped out. I know there is a place that I can get a replacement, I spoke to them a few years ago. I can't find their number now. There used to be a...
  2. macguy

    I wonder if they play pool in Cuba?

    Now that relations with Cuba are going to be somewhat normal, I wonder if they play pool there. I plan on making a trip there if I can. I was there when I was a kid with my father but don't really remember much about it. We all remember this guy
  3. macguy

    They all know Efren Reyes

    I was just on the phone for about 45 minutes trying to get the remote on my new TV programed. Their are like 50 possible different codes to try and we must have gone through about 40 before we hit on the right one. The guy was so nice and easy going as ths went on and on I asked him where he...
  4. macguy

    Lathe for sale in Florida Fort Myers area He said model G 4023 but I think it is G 4003 I think he got the number wrong when I spoke to him. It says Best offer. After speaking to him I think a fair offer will get it...
  5. macguy

    Tournament format idea??

    Tournament format idea. Another thread was discussing tournaments formats and breaking. I have been thinking about this and here is an idea I was thinking about. It is pretty simple to understand but you never know how something works unless you see it in practice. Here is what I was...
  6. macguy

    Table mech question.

    I see a lot of these redo's of older tables on here. Some are amazing. Is there anyone in Florida that can do that kind of work?
  7. macguy

    Slippery wrap question.

    I have a few holsters from these people. They are made from some kind of material that is kind of sticky against your skin. I actually like the ones they make with a clip as added security but for the most part they do what they are designed to do.
  8. macguy

    9 Ball the movie.

    Was flipping last night and came across a channel on Comcast called I think Streampix I never looked at it before it is a free movie channel we get. On it I found the movie 9 Ball showing with Jennifer Beretta. I never heard of it so I watched it. It was horrible but interesting. If you get...
  9. macguy

    One pocket break question

    What pocket provides the best percentages for a right handed player? I am right handed and have always broke from the right. Is there even any advantage which pocket you pick.
  10. macguy

    Must see one pocket game

    This is a hill hill game. It lasts and hour and five minutes but is worth watching. If you like one pocket you will see numerous moves and kicks, not to mention the value of taking a scratch.
  11. macguy

    What cue weight do you play with?

    I am curious how many have experimented with cue weights. Do you now play with a heavier or lighter cue then you once did? Did it make any noticeable difference in your game one way or the other.
  12. macguy

    Arnot cues??

    Have not heard about them for a long time. Is he still around? I know he was maybe the first cuemaker to find a market on the internet, he sold a lot of cues at one time. Just curious.
  13. macguy

    Got my Magic chalk, review

    This is not really a review just a few comments about my experience with the chalk. It is by far the best chalk I have ever used and I am old, it's really amazing. I have played for hours without a miscue but more then that. I have a surge in confidence on certain shots. Long draw shots in...
  14. macguy

    Need a lathe?

    How would you like to come in every day and face this thing.
  15. macguy

    Help for those who play with eye glasses

    Just got these today and have been using them all morning. They are great, very soft you don't even know they are there. I have been wearing them with my everyday glasses but will be getting a pair for my pool playing glasses as well. No more sliding down glasses and pushing them up. In my shop...
  16. macguy

    Amazing one handed pool player

    Ever hear someone say they can beat you one handed behind their back, this guy might. He loses but pretty amazing never the less. A little more of this guy. I...
  17. macguy

    Pool reality show that never got off the ground.

    Even the trailer has only been seen by 700 people in 4 years. Here is another clip of a really terrible pool segment. It may actually be an ad for a lawyer
  18. macguy

    The Hustlers on TV in Canada

    For what it is worth this is From Emily Duddy facebook page June 3rd NEWS FOR ALL POOL FANS IN CANADA! "The Hustlers" will premiere in Canada tonight @ 9pm on ActionTv! Please watch if you can! If you can put it on in a bar or pool hall that would be amazing! Please spread the word! Thanks...
  19. macguy

    A confession regarding The Hustlers.

    I was one of the first out of the box who didn't really like the first few shows. It has gotten better with episodes 3&4, much better. Heres the thing, I don't play that much anymore other then at home once and a while. In fact if not for this forum I think any interest in the game would have...
  20. macguy

    The Hustlers a few questions.

    I know some on here know these people and go to the pool room. Does anyone know what kind of cues they are using especially Gary? Also when Beretta is breaking she has something red on her shaft. What is that. I also don't see any product placement at all am I just missing it? Are any...