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  1. Schlosser Cases


    Has anyone had instruction from Dallas West. Thanks for you information.
  2. Schlosser Cases

    Cue making books

    What books do you think are the best, and why!! Thanks for your help!!
  3. Schlosser Cases

    New cases for Richie Cunningham

    Cases a made for Richie. 2005 BCA men master 8 ball champion. Thank to John Barton for the inserts for my cases!!
  4. Schlosser Cases


    What wood do you think give the best hit to a cue. Thanks for your info.
  5. Schlosser Cases

    My second case!!

    What do you think?
  6. Schlosser Cases


    Hi , I was wondering how many hours of practice you think it takes to go from middle of the road State masters player to the next level. Also i have only practiced about 10 hours my whole life. Play league twice a week. Thank for your input.